What Are the Top eLearning Trends for 2021?
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What Are the Top eLearning Trends for 2021?

Words fall short when we speak of the trends seen in the eLearning Mobile Application Development. 2019 was the year, the world has hit a severe infection named COVID-19. Since then, studies and learning especially have moved towards the Internet.

All the business tycoons who were running on the traditional concepts of learning have drastically changed their way of providing education. New methodologies, unique learning concepts, and availability of resources round-the-clock welcomed eLearning with all grace.

Tutors, Trainers, and Students spent a crucial time putting studies on track. It will not be a false statement to say that this pandemic has taken a great toll on the studies of the children. The previous year was a complete mess and everybody accepted 2021 to be the savior. Therefore, let us encounter some of the prominent trends acknowledged in eLearning Mobile App Development.

What is eLearning?

Firstly, we will be bifurcating the two elements of this word i.e. “e” & “Learning”. Here the letter “e” describes Internet connectivity. Besides, learning stands for getting or acquiring some knowledge. It can be any topic, subject, etc. Thus, eLearning means acquiring knowledge through the Internet and its resources.

In other words, the process of understanding something via digital mode like Electronic Media, the Internet, etc. is termed as e-Learning. This is the most common source today of getting knowledge about any subject matter.

What Are The eLearning Trends?

Trends in eLearning refer to the emergence of technology or methodology to gain knowledge. It can be the utilization of any device, technology, or any other activity that boosts the knowledge part. Trends are also treated as the upcoming segment or addition in the existing technology.

There are many e-learning app development companies, which can raise your business standards through their development skills. With the growing digitalization and impact of the pandemic on the studies, students prefer online studies over traditional ones.

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The List of Top eLearning Trends of 2021

The section contains a sequence of the emerging as well as released technology in the eLearning segment. Look out for these and get it done to beat the competition set so high.

Even before the transmission of this pandemic COVID-19 on a huge scale, e-Learning was one of the rising segments. During the 2020-2021 session, the world has seen a tremendous increase in the downloading of apps and subscribing to youtube channels for learning. Hence, it is mandated to keep an eye on the upcoming e-learning trends of 2021.

1. Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System (LMS) is a suite that is crafted specifically to build, offer, and manage the delivery of educational content. The system can be entitled to a separate product on the company server. Simultaneously, it can be operated on cloud-based storage.

Learning Management System (LMS)
Learning Management System (LMS)

2. mLearning

mLearning stands for Mobile Learning. It is a method of offering educational content or a kind of learning support on any mobile device i.e. Smartphone or Tablet. Being under the e-Learning segment, Mobile Learning has got its attributes. Features like small screen, portability, enhancing the distracting, on-the-go learning, etc. are some of the eye-catchy functions. 

3. Chatbots

AI being deployed in most of the sector shares its most important aspect i.e. Chatbots with education. It is believed by the experts, Chatbots will overcome human efforts and will aid in delivering flawless education content on the apps, websites, and video channels.

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These humanoids work well in the elementary and primary education segments. Kids become much more familiar with these active robots on the app and gain as much knowledge via the robot’s action, reaction, situation, etc.

Predicted use cases of Chatbots
Predicted use cases of Chatbots

4. Communicating Tools

Nothing wrong to say that the increment in video sessions, people working from home has produced a hike in the development of communicating tools. Companies have started developing specialized tools for video calls, audio calls, group meeting sessions, etc. The most popular tool during the entire lockdown since 2020 was Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and many others.

5. Gamifying eLearning Trends

Today children adopt infographics, audiovisual effects, and gaming-based educational concepts more easily. Gone are days when students believe in picture-based learning. Now eLearning has presented a new form of learning i.e. through intellect games, stories with great graphics, assessment by game or video sessions, etc. This enhances the mental ability, learning skills, and majorly the interest of the students towards learning.


eLearning itself is an emerging trend. It has helped millennials to gain their respective knowledge either it is of competitive exams, higher education, etc. Everything has just become possible with e-Learning Concepts.

There are a few more segments like AR, VR technologies, Learning Experience Platforms (LEP), etc. which have to stand out themselves the way it works and delivers systematic education. Therefore, an eye on the emerging trend is necessary to analyze the power of eLearning in the coming future.

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