Role of Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications

Role of Augmented Reality in Mobile Applications

Augmented Reality (AR) is the artificial environment formed by the combination of digital content with definite facets of the user’s corporal world. By using AR technology, artificial elements are immersed in the user’s substantial surroundings that improve the user’s insight of actuality.

The role of AR in present mobile technology inclusive of both software and hardware is unquestionable. The users can now experience the worth of this extraordinary technology through their mobile apps.

A fantastic example of the usage of AR in mobile app development is the Pokémon Go app which suits both Android and iOS platforms. This application utilizes the user’s mobile GPS to locate, confine, teach, and combat virtual creatures called Pokémon, which come into sight as if they are in the player’s substantial surroundings.

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Pokémon Go app is one of the most successful gaming apps and is considered as a milestone for generalizing AR technology in mobile apps. Currently, several businesses are involved in implementing AR apps to boost their user engagement. This also modifies the way the companies venture their products and services to clients.

For this reason, any reliable mobile app development company would implement AR in mobile apps if required. This article covers the role of augmented reality and its benefits in mobile applications.

The major advantages of AR-based mobile apps include-

1. Promote your products in a novel way

Novelty is the key when it comes to grabbing potential customers and AR is the finest way to generate gorgeous content for your clients.

2. Develops your brand image

The technology in this digital era will make the acuity of regulars to your business transform by presenting inimitable experiences. Developing AR-based apps can enhance the fame of a specific brand. Business owners have tight schedules which makes it hard for them to be physically there at most of their events.

For example, it’s fine for an event manager to organize multiple events to get an update about the current event without a mediator. With conventional apps, it is not possible to monitor all the subordinates, planning, and event management procedures.

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With the help of AR empowered apps, event managers can view and manage all happenings on a screen. They can easily direct multiple events form a sole screen. This way the advanced features of augmented reality help in efficiently managing a business and getting more exposure along with enhanced brand reputation.

3. Boost your sales

The offering of your products in a correlative and compelling mode for the consumers of your production will boost your sales.

4. In-store experience

AR-based mobile apps can suggest products in authentic size in virtual test spaces, thereby imparting clientele a practical in-store experience. In the retail trade, mobile apps are helping users to utilize virtual fitting accommodations to endeavor on dresses that save their time and effort. The retail outlets can also exhibit more stock than they can handle.

Using such mobile apps, consumers can be in a similar recognizable atmosphere and simultaneously experience something appealing and persuasive.

5. Role in Tourism

It is possible to formulate a promising digital voyage of various places and environments while delivering chronological information and comprehensive views of sites.

6. Role in Education

The education segment has also benefited from AR apps. AR education apps make studying more motivating and helpful. AR apps offer interactive learning to ensure that the information conveyed has a prolonged retention rate.

A real-time interactive session is needed for gaining knowledge and understanding of tricky concepts. Usually, students rely mainly on e-learning apps that present videos, drawings, and recorded stuff without analyzing the interior support from beginning to end engagement.

Traditionally developed mobile apps are also quite popular and offer a wide range of solutions like health and fitness, gaming, and various online learning concepts, but these apps have an inadequate set of benefits to understand things properly.

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On the other hand, AR empowered apps offer a better real-time practical session through interactive tutorials, appealing connections, and kinds of stuff that are just like real-life classroom coaching periods.

7. 3D Tracking

The top AR platforms are well-suited with 3D image tracking i.e. they can spot 3D objects like saucers, boxes, and toys, etc. This has the outcome of augmenting the scope for AR in mobile apps. For example, 3D object tracking can be utilized in e-commerce AR apps and also for making smartphone playoffs.

8. Superior Authority

AR-based mobile apps generate better visibility and authority for your trademark. The solutions offered by you will be unforgettable and will grab more customers.

9. Stay ahead in the competitive market

You can offer your products in an exceptional manner that allows you to stay ahead in the ever-growing competitive market.

10. Include calls to action

The usage of AR helps you to incorporate calls to action that provoke customers to decide in your favor.

Considering these benefits of AR, there are two major versions of AR apps that mobile app development companies can provide:

(A) Location-based AR

This type of AR implementation within an app utilizes the geolocation data of smartphones to precisely manipulate the AR experience in the app. This help app users to have real-time interaction with the globe. For instance, customers can view a museum, and have a glimpse of the city tour, etc.

(B) Marker-based AR

Market-based AR apps depend on patterns and interface with the camera of a mobile device. For instance, as an app opens, a digital glaze of real-world information is generated if a user points to a camera for scanning a QR code or any other brand icon.

This information offers a massive amount of potential to marketers as they can merge digital marketing and point-of-sale by substantial offers and in-store/on-site actions.


AR technology benefits businesses in various domains. It generates remarkable user experiences that assimilate digital with the physical world and introduces fantastic innovative income opportunities to take your business to the next level. The mobile app development companies need to hire experienced talents for their AR-based app projects.

About the Author:

Paru Saxena is a content writer at TechIngenious, one of the leading digital marketing and mobile app development companies in India . He is proficient in digital marketing and has been writing for the last 6 years.

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