The Best 10 AI Video Editing Softwares for Free in 2024
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The Best 10 AI Video Editing Softwares for Free in 2024

AI has now become a driving force in almost every sector of innovative technology, including the realm of creating or editing videos. You will find many video-editing AI tools intended to create captivating video content for your business or as a person in a flick of time. If you are willing to edit your videos automatically via smart technology, you must check our list comprised of video editing software to try for 2024.  

Impact of AI on the Future of Video Editing

Advancements in AI or Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have strongly influenced the future of video editing. Accordingly, more and more professionals will use powerful AI video editor tools to augment their abilities. Before the launch of AI, experts need to spend many hours or deal with tedious tasks to create appealing videos.

However, AI has freed up time so that professional video designers or editors may focus only on storytelling, creative decisions, and the addition of some human touch.

In the future, the collaboration of human editors with innovative AI tools will result in the following-

Multiple Projects in a Flick of Time

As Artificial Intelligence-based video editing tools will deal with various heavy-lifting tasks, editors may complete multiple projects spontaneously.

Accessible Editing is Possible

AI-powered tools will make video editing relatively more accessible even to individuals who do not possess vast technical knowledge. Hence, even a non-tech person may use it to create or edit professional videos.

Unlock Unique Styles/Techniques

When you combine the intuitions of a human with the automation feature possessed by AI, you may unlock countless visual styles or storytelling techniques.

What are The Benefits of Using AI for Video Editing?

The advent of Artificial Intelligence technology has created drastic changes in the video editing sector. AI has offered countless benefits to transform the way, in which you may create, edit, and share content as follows-

Allow Precise Editing Decisions

AI-based video editing platforms use AI algorithms to process and analyze both audio and video elements in your videos. Accordingly, AI video editing software may identify objects, scenes, and emotions automatically. Such automation will lead to quick and precise video editing decisions.  

Boost the Efficiency of Video Creation

AI tools analyze any raw footage to choose its relevant segments and arrange them coherently. The tools thus reduce manual effort and time in reviewing and editing footage. In this way, the video creation process becomes highly efficient.  

Create and Improve the Quality of Videos

AI-based video editing tools may stabilize any shaky footage automatically, adjust the background light, boost the audio/sound quality, and correct the color combinations. Each of these enhanced features will give an engaging look to your videos so that you create a lasting effect on your target audience.

Furthermore, depending on your chosen editing tool, you may get recommendations related to creative transitions, visual effects, and animations to align them with the context of your content with perfection.

Best 10 AI Video Editing Software for 2024

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an efficient and powerful AI tool that uses Adobe Sensei to create and edit videos faster. This AI video editing software has proved to be a game changer for creating films and videos. It speeds up several procedures, like color selection, audio addition, video editing and transcription, video captioning, and related delivery workflows.

Whether you use Adobe Premiere Pro for your short social media videos or feature-length types of films, AI functions will save you time in editing videos and offer you multiple creative possibilities.  

Pricing Plans

  • Adobe Premiere Pro offers you the following price plans-
  • The app does not offer any free plan but you may get a free trial for 7 days.
  • The full version of Adobe Premiere Pro with the premium plan of Adobe Premiere Pro is available at $22.99 per months.  


  • Text-based Editing Tool

Adobe comes with a text-based editing tool to transcribe footage automatically and create a transcript. Later, users may select the text to use and insert the same in the timeline via available keyboard shortcuts.  

  • Enhance Speech Feature

The Enhance Speech feature in Adobe uses AI to boost the quality and clarity of audio and video recordings containing dialogue. The feature may remove noise to create a professional studio-like sound.  

  • Color Grades

Adobe Premiere Pro offers the most robust level of color grades and editing tools for your business. You may even adjust the color, light, hue, curves, and contrast.

  • AI-Operated Auto Tagging

AI-operated auto tagging powered by Adobe Premiere Pro uses AI to categorize audio files automatically into music, dialogue, ambiance, or sound effects via its sound panel.

2. Flexclip

Are you looking for an easy AI video editing tool to create and edit videos? You should try FlexClip to create and edit videos by following a few simple steps only.

Furthermore, you may access valuable resources and extensive templates powered by this AI tool to create high-quality videos. regardless of your purpose of creating videos for family, social media, marketing, or branding, you will find FlexClip as the perfect choice.  

Pricing/Subscription Plans

FlexClip offers the following subscription plans-

  • The first is the Plus plan at $9.99 per month, which allows subscribers to use 5 stock audios/videos in one project. Also, one can store a maximum of 30GB of photos, audio, and videos in the FlexClip cloud.
  • The Business plan is available at $19.99 per month. It allows subscribers to use an unlimited stock of audio and videos in a single project. Moreover, you may store a maximum of 100GB of audio, photos, and videos in its cloud.


  • Multiple Resources and Templates

FlexClip offers multiple styles, themes, and templates to let you find the right one based on your video project. Also, it has a collection of stock music, photos, and videos to empower you to create engaging and visually stunning content.

  • Vast Set of Editing Features for Customization

FlexClip offers you a vast set of editing features to customize the videos. You may trim, merge, and split video clips, add transitions and overlays, adjust your audio/video content, and lots more.

You always get precise control of every aspect related to your video so that you may get the required feel and look.  

  • AI-powered Features

FlexClip comes with tons of AI-powered features, like an AI image generator, AI-based text-to-video converter, and AI script to create professional quality videos effortlessly to boost efficiency and save time.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 is a fast and feature-based AI video editor to offers you pro-level video editing tools and easy consumer levels. The AI software primarily bridges the gap between consumer friendliness and professional video editing power.

CyberLink PowerDirector 365 also comes with support for innovative technologies and formats. The best thing is that its combined tools allow users to create compelling videos with titles, transitions, and special effects.  

Price Plans

Depending on the version you choose, you will get the following price plans-

  • PowerDirector 365 subscription license is available at $47.
  • PowerDirector Suite 365 Annual Plan is at $134.99


CyberLink PowerDirector 365 offers you the following features-

  • Unlimited access to premium photo editing and video editing effects and plug-ins
  • Access to millions of premium music tracks, photos, and videos from Meta Sound and Getty Images collection
  • Updates on monthly features and regular content
  • Generative AI tools
  • Unlimited customer support

4. Apple Final Cut Pro

Willing to get an ultimate pro video studio for your favorite Apple devices right at your fingertips, try the latest Apple Final Cut Pro AI tool.

Price Plans

Final Cut Pro offers both free and paid versions as follows-

  • A free version of Final Cut Pro is available only for 90 days.
  • Once 90 days are over, users need to buy the paid license of Final Cut Pro, which will cost $299.99.  


  • As a non-linear AI video editing software, Apple Final Cut Pro caters to both amateurs and professionals.
  • The AI software offers 3D animation abilities, multi-camera synchronization, removal of green screen effects, and direct import of many closed captions.
  • Apple Final Cut Pro can edit, record, provide finish, and deliver every type of video on both iPhones and iPads.
  • As a strong machine learning tool, Final Cut Pro by Apple detects objects and faces and later, matches their specific movements with effects and titles.
  • Another noticeable aspect of this AI tool is that it lets you adjust the field depth and focus on the video clips captured on your iPhone.

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5. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is an advanced AI video editor to converts your life experiences and the best moments into stunning films and movies.

Price Plans

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is available in India at Rs 8,100 with the inclusion of VAT. However, you may get a free trial associated with the AI video editor tool for 30 days.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate offers the following price plans-

  • The Pro Version is available at $79.99 for one license.
  • VideoStudio offers its Ultimate Version at $99.99 for a single license.

Both plans offer a free trial associated with the AI video editor tool for 30 days.


  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate comes with many innovative tools, smart features, premium effects, and optimum performance.
  • The software has advanced editing tools of Corel VideoStudio are video masking, color grading, 3D titler, and innovative audio cues.
  • The tool comes equipped with facial recognition to achieve faster video cuts.
  • Finally, Corel VideoStudio can create subtitles faster via speech-to-text converters.

6. DaVinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve AI software is the one-stop solution to combine color correction, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, and audio production in a single tool.

Price Plans

DaVinci Resolve offers you two different pricing plans as below-

  • DaVinci Resolve, which is the free version
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio is available at $357


  • DaVinci Resolve comes with the following interesting features-
  • Color correction and professional-level editing tools
  • Fair light audio, delivery, and media
  • Collaboration of multiple users
  • High-performance engine for playback
  • Resolve functions and 3D tools
  • 32 bits YRGB float image processing
  • 4K Support

7. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to create cinema-quality and memorable videos easily. Whether you want to shape your story on your iPhone/iPad with the Magic Movie or create your masterpiece, you may do so with Apple iMovie.

Price details

An interesting aspect of Apple iMovie video editing software is that it is available for free for every user.


  • Apple iMovie allows users to create countless professional videos without any degree or extent of editing.
  • You may easily add videos and photos to trim clips by using your finger, to highlight projects, fade audio like a pro, and add seamless transitions. 
  • You may even edit and import videos and images to your trailers and movies.  

8. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi video editor is the perfect software solution to create your videos with keyframe animations, special effects, and readymade introductions. Also, you may apply Chroma Key to change your clip’s background to anything of your choice. You may even try the new and refined user interface without any need to learn new things.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plan of Movavi Video Editor starts at only $59.95 with a yearly subscription for a single MacOS or Windows device. Also, you will get a lifetime license or one-time purchase to gain perpetual software access for only $79.95.


  • Easy video editing to design high-quality video clips  
  • Provides support to keyframe animation, stabilization, and slow-motion effects
  • Screen recording feature to edit and record the screens for presentations and tutorials
  • Boost your videos with a vast library of stickers and transitions
  • Provides many introductions and templates to simplify the process of video creation
  • Convert the videos into diverse formats to support diverse devices, like iOS and Android

9. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is another powerful video editing software that allows users to edit across unlimited tracks with full control and precision. Besides, you will get pro-caliber tools to convert your creative vision into cinema-level productions.  

Price Plans

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate comes with two different pricing plans, which include-

  • Entry-level list for Pinnacle Studio at about $59.99
  • Ultimate Pinnacle Studio at about $129.99


  • Ability to create unlimited video tracks
  • Equipped with Multicam editing and motion-tracking abilities
  • Outstanding editing effects with the feature of stop-motion video

10. Microsoft Clipchamp

Last on the list of video editors is Microsoft Clipchamp. It eases the process of video creation for every individual, including those without any editing experience. In other words, you may create and edit a wide range of professional-looking videos easily and quickly with Clipchamp.  

Price Plans

Microsoft Clipchamp is available in two different price plans-

  • Free version for beginners with limited features
  • Paid version at Rs 899 ($11.99) with advanced features for business levels.


  • Helps in easy video editing, video trimming, positioning, and enhancement
  • Allows unlimited export of videos free from any watermark
  • Export resolution to a maximum of 4K or UHD
  • Premium image, audio, and video stock media
  • Premium effects and filters
  • Brand kit to manage colors and logos
  • Provides the necessary content back up


Overall, there are many AI video editing tools available over the internet and compatible with diverse devices. Therefore, whenever you search for a video editing AI tool, you must analyze your requirements to create appealing videos and make your lifetime memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI video editing?

AI video editing process involves editing videos to create professional or personal level video clips via the latest AI technology.

How does AI enhance the video editing process?

AI may automate various repetitive tasks, recommend video edits, and reduce the overall time you spend on creating videos and posts.

Can beginners use AI video editing software effectively?

Yes, you will find many AI video editing programs, which beginners may use effectively and without any hassle.

What are the limitations of AI in video editing?

Even though AI may automate a few aspects related to creating videos, it has the limitation of lacking intuition and creativity. In this way, AI fails or creates challenges to generate innovative, original, and emotion-based engaging content.

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