Top 10 Chat GPT Story Generator Prompts for Gaming
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Top 10 Chat GPT Story Generator Prompts for Gaming

Think for a minute you can travel back in time. You time travel to the golden era of the 90s and cyber cafe is the first place you visit. You enter the cafe and scream at the top of your lungs, “AI is helping in game development!!!!!”. Most of them would laugh at you and the rest would ignore you to continue playing. But here we are, it’s 2023, and ChatGPT is finding its roots throughout various industries. From Fintech to Foodtech, the technology has been utilized by experts from every field. 

Narrative Design or game story writing is considered one of the most important factors during game development. It has a huge impact on the user experience and the new generation of users driven by story arc on a personal level. Crafting a good story is as important as leveling up your inventory in games. Hence we bring ‘Top 10 Chat GPT Story Generator Prompts for Gaming’.

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Best 10 Chat GPT Story Writing Prompts for Gaming

1. Story Prompt for RPGs

Let’s start with a gaming genre that is highly considered the king of story arc-based games. Any role-playing game incorporates three of the following things: A well-written character, an immersive story, lastly different levels of ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. So the prompts should revolve around these particular qualities. 

Quest Outline Prompt Format

  • A game that has a {Setting} and {Tone}.
  • We have a {The Main Character} who wants to {Unlock the Main/Final Objective}. 
  • But he/she needs to defeat {Antagonist and Henchman}. 
  • The main character always wanted to be a {Backstory Motivation}. 
  • The main character defeats the antagonist through {Unique Powers and Abilities}. 
  • In the end, he/she unlocks his/her {Final Reward}. 

Complex Question Example: 

A game that has a setting of Japan’s Edo period and is constantly a warzone. We have a main character named Sora who wants to become a master swordsman just like his father. But he needs to defeat the Demon lord King to be recognized by the village people. Sora’s parents were killed when the demon lord attacked their village and took over it. Since the village people have become slaves. Sora meets a former master swordsman, Shifu, who is a friend of his father. Shifu teaches Sora about a sword with mystical powers that can defeat the demon lord but he needs to be worthy. Sora, through upgrading at every story arc, becomes a veiled magical sword and defeats the demon lord. Sora becomes a master swordsman and is recognized by the village people.

2. For Action Adventure

Action adventure games are full of fast-paced story arcs. In these kinds of games, multiple things are happening at the same time. There could be car chases, one-on-one battles, or 1vAll battles or a player can enjoy it by performing multiple stunts. 

Prompt Format for an Action Scene

A game story that has the setting of {Explain the period, the surroundings and the road along the way}. 

  • The protagonist of the story is {Name, description, what he/she wants to accomplish}
  • The objective of the main character is {What he/she wants to achieve}
  • {Main antagonist} wants to take over the world through {A unique ability}
  • While unlocking the true {Objective}, There are {Twists}, {Plot reveals}, and {action sequence}
  • Write a {Theme} for the story and that will set the tone of the game. 
  • Write {n number of missions}, {Power Ups}, {Each mission has different difficulties}


It is a game story that has the setting of a world war. There are more weapons than men and even more dead bodies. The main character is Captain Guts whose only mission is to enter the enemy base and stop the missile launch. The main antagonist is Caption Gyro who wants to destroy the world government and build a new society. The theme is freedom over revenge and there are 5 primary missions where Captain Guts needs to find the key to stop launches from 5 stations. 

3. Story Prompt for Battle Royal

Multiplayer online games are one of the greatest hits and the game genre is currently trending. Writing stories for the following trend is quite difficult, due to multiple perspectives, teamwork stories, and character-specific stories, and lastly weaving those stories together. But there is a simple prompt format that works with multiple stories. At the end of the prompts, there is a general prompt for ending the stories according to the ultimate battle you want to unveil.

Prompt Format for Backstories

Hi ChatGPT, I wrote a story for a MOBA based game character specifically based on these details.

Setting: {A battle royal setting with a theme, tone, and rules}

Character N: A {Character Name} known for his/her {Profession} decided to join a battle royal due to { Reasons}. {A tragic backstory/An Interesting} that pushes the character to team up with another team. Character trains to learn {Combat skills}, {gather inventory}, and collect weapons}. Ultimately to battle in the {battle royal setting}.


Hi, ChatGPT writes a story for MOBA based game characters specifically based on these details.

Setting: A Medieval tech-enabled battlefield filled with monsters and obstacles where death or survival is the only ending. 

Character 1: Stellar is a known painting artist who is on a quest to find real art and he sees real art in the death painting of others. He quits his artistic job and starts learning about the demonic power of his art. He explores the battlefield and joins a group of teams consisting of three other participants each with unique abilities and power. Together they need to keep surviving on the battlefield and become the ultimate champion. 

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4. For Fighting Game Characters

Fighting Games invoke the kind of thrill that is hard to find. Here a thrilling tone comes especially from an interesting character. Sure the flashy moves, combat styles, and choice of weapon make a huge difference, but a great character origin story can increase the excitement for the players. 

Character Origin Structure Prompt Template

Story setting – A tournament is held in the {A fictional world} where the ultimate prize is {Goal}

{Character Name} is {Age}, {profession} belongs to the city/village of {Name}. He has a mastery in {Unique fighting style}. His fighting style reflects what he seeks {A free will motivation}. The character enters the tournament full of {Other player description in short}. 

{Primary Move}
{Secondary Move}
{Defensive Move}
{Powerful Special Move}
{KO taunt}


Story Setting – An underground tournament in the realm of konkor where the ultimate prize is a wish. 

Matilda is a 19-year-old girl, who used to go to Sky High School, Claude, Mumbaiton. She was kidnapped and forced to participate in a tournament. Now she needs to train hard, master unique moves, level up her battle IQ to free herself and go home. The tournament is filled with pirates, mercenaries, and mysterious demons where survival of the fittest is the only rule. 

Matilda’s carries a special grade cursed sword and her skillset are:

Primary Move – Sun Slash
Secondary Move – Moon Dicer
Defensive Move – Null Void
Powerful Special Move – Meteor Slash
KO taunt – Making rainbow with her sword

5. Story Prompt for Open World Exploration Games

A storyline for an open-world exploration game consists of many plots that depend on the decision our MC makes. Here you need to provide a minimum of two choice results that would eventually lead the story to a proper ending. This does raise complexity concerns but a simple prompt will help you make the right storyline for your main character.

Adaptive Story Prompt Format

Setting: Our main character has {n number} of worlds to explore. {World 1, 2, 3, 4}. The map of the world can be imaged as a {Shape}.

Hello ChatGPT please write a story that revolves around a {Adjective} {Character Name}. Along the path, the character has to make 2 different choices. If the character accepts {Yes}, he can move forward by completing a task. If the character rejects {No}, it leads to one of the following results. The character needs to make an advancing decision to end the main quest ultimately. {The goal of the quest}. 

Decision-Making set

{Yes – Advance with a mission}

{No – Repercussion}

{None of the above – Continue with the quest}


Setting: Our main character has 4 words to explore. Each world is interconnected but he/she needs to complete the task for advancing in the quest. World 1: It is a water world full of fish-like monsters, world 2: is made deep in a volcano with magma monsters, world 3 is high in the sky, where flying beasts dwell, world 4 earth where human soldiers have been constantly battling. 

Hello ChatGPT please write a story that revolves around Eva, a complex Human. Along the path, the character has to make 2 different choices. If the character accepts, he can move forward by completing a task. If the character rejects, it leads to one of the following results. The character needs to ultimately make an advancing decision to end the main quest. The goal of the quest is to collect 4 keys and close the gates of Baldur where the hell monsters reside.

Decision-Making set

  • If Eva accepts the quest, Yes – Advance with a mission.
  • If Eva rejects the quest, No – Kidnap and kill one of her comrades from her kingdom.
  • If Eva selects None of the above – Continue with the quest exploration.

6. For Horror Genre Games

Now Horror is one of the most loved genres when it comes to gaming for adults. Users will be glued to the screen if you craft an interesting horror story with a compelling storyline. To do so here is a prompt example that can help craft it. The prompt should consider the vocational prospects and how a user wants that story to lead them.

Prompt Template

The {main character} after {the incident} visits the {Location}. {Adjectives that could describe the state of your Character}. {The Haunting starts}. {Main character} is now being chased by, he/she needs to collect {Artifacts} and complete {Objectives} to escape the {Location}. The atmosphere is surrounded by {Sound effects}, {Ominous elements}, and {twisted puzzle}. 

Spooky Example

Special Officer Ryan needs to investigate a huge public garden where a murder happened at 4 o’clock in the morning. As he enters the gate of the garden, he starts to experience dizziness and the world in front of him starts to blur. There is a staunch smell and the crows keep making an unbearable noise. He reaches the murder location but cannot figure out why there are no witnesses. He falls down and wakes up tied to the bench. A mysterious figure keeps chasing him. Now he needs to investigate and find witnesses, take testimony, and keep moving forward to solve the mystery. 

7. Story Prompt For Sci-Fi Games

If you ask children, which is the most fascinating genre they will scream at the top of their lungs that it is Sci-Fi!. A sci-fi game needs to create a sense of excitement for adventures far away from reality. A good story can help you establish this sense and much more.

Prompt Recipe with Example

Write a Scifi story based on the following recipe details: 

  • Year: 2049
  • Civilization: Human
  • Planet name: Mordor
  • Quest: To find the life elixir that could repopulate mordor
  • Vehicle: A spaceship named Falcon 914
  • Travel to Location: Earth
  • Reason: The earth is a habitat with life force and there exits a certain forest where one can find life elixir.
  • Crew Name: The Guardians of Mordor
  • Crew members: Reva the pilot, Scott the mechanic, Huffer the doctor, Graver co-pilot.
  • First Arc: They experience a spaceship failure and plenty of galaxy guards try to attack them.
  • Second Arc: They reach the earth but need to find the forest
  • Third Arc: They find the forest but need to find the cave in which life elixir exists while fighting creatures and earthlings.
Story Prompt For Sci-Fi Games

8. For Turn Based Strategy Character

I know this one is kinda offbeat and you would ask what’s with this genre. Well if it was not interesting enough, it would have not made its way to our list. You basically need to write a general story template now for the user and according to the in-game mechanics the story changes. So it’s kind of a semi-adaptive game play and the story gives a quick start to your users.

Example Blueprint for Story

Hi ChatGPT write a story referring the below-mentioned blueprint:

In a land far away, there dwells a {Name of the Kingdom}. The year is {1801}. You are the {a royal position}. Through strategies, decision making, and {building planning} you need to invade other {Kingdom/territories/kings} using your {army} while defending your kingdom. Now begins an epic battle between {Two kingdoms}. Can you cleverly leverage your {armies’ abilities, strength, and attributes} to do so?. You can {level up your army and castle} and out play the opponent}

9. Story Prompt for Dating Sim Games

Dating Sim games heavily depend on their story to keep users engaged and come back for more. A story for this kind of game genre should be meaningful and needs to lead them along the way for a memorable experience. Let’s focus on a few of the parameters before we head over  to the prompt: 


  1. Character Development
  2. Emotional Engagement
  3. Player Agency
  4. Thematic Depth 
  5. Memorable Experience

Character Bio Prompt Example

Setting: Highschool Romance

Primary Character : 3

{First Name} is the president of {school name}, a {adjective} guy with zero haters and confident with results. But one thing he is not so confident about is to propose {Name}. This is the story of {Name} and {Name}, two high schoolers who want to date each other and make their school days the best time of their lives. But both are afraid to express their feelings. Time is running out, {Name}, a new student appears and now everything is mixed up, so before fall who do you think our {Main Character} will choose to date and be happy with? Will it be {Character A}, with a fun and lively personality, or {Character B}, one who understands our main character and has been his childhood friend.

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10. Story Prompts For Adapting Story Game and Tips

In MOBA, Open world exploration, and Dating Sims games we have indirectly mentioned that adaptive storyline is one of the complex problems. So here I am mentioning a separate story writing prompt that consists of story writing for adaptive game play. The three paraments we are going to focus in this format are:

  1. Player Agency 
  2. Branching Storylines
  3. Emergent Storytelling

Let’s write a simple story for my adaptive and choice based game.

  • Hi ChatGPT, I want you to assign a flag color {Flag Colors} to 4 of the characters {Characters Names} of the game.
  • Now assign 3 Flags to choices they can make (Choices). It can be yes, no, none of the above for simplicity.
  • Next Consider a setting: Explain the setting here.
  • Now prepare a characteristic for every flag (Note: the four flags should have human characteristics and the other 3 should have algorithmic like choices)
  • Next prepare an algorithm for the 4 flags (mention colors for details) and it should lead to only two of the flags standing. And make another algorithm between the three flags that could lead the four flags and cross paths.
Story Prompts For Adapting Story Game and Tips

This type of writing is one of my favorites and I keep adding details like explaining the flags attribute which could add more depth to the story. But remember don’t overcomplicate everything, try to keep it simple for you to keep track of.

Through the algorithm the characters can experience a dynamical shift and the game can keep your players on the edge of the seat.


Writing a game story could be a lengthy process, needs dedication and sometimes a little help can make you go a long way. ChatGPT will enable you to craft stories and food for your games conveniently. Although the level of creativity and depth depends on you, for writing an immersive story you can count on ChatGPT as your cooperative assistance. 

Hope you liked the story prompts and are looking forward to finishing that awesome game idea you have been stuck with. ChatGPT is one of the most useful tools but using it wisely, this is where we need to step in. So do keep exploring ChatGPT to unlock its unparalleled potential.

FAQ‘s on Story Prompt Generators

Why is a story important for a good game?

A good story can elevate your game’s experience for the user. Users tend to enjoy the game to the fullest and it allows them to immerse themselves. The best part is that you can unlock a new level of creativity if you have a unique storyline attached to your game. Lastly it gives your main character a sense of depth that captivates users to keep coming back for more.

How can I use ChatGPT for narrative design or story writing for games?

ChatGPT can be valuable asset considering the potential it holds:
1. It can be used for brainstorming.
2. It can provide an algorithm to allow you to structure your complex storyline.
3. Crafting engaging plotlines becomes easy as plenty of information is available at your fingertips.

What are some tips to use ChatGPT for writing engaging stories for my games?

Consider the following tips if you want to use ChatGPT for game story writing to the fullest.
1. Use detailed prompts with clear information.
2. Use multiple prompts and approaches.
3. Consider multiple outputs made by ChatGPT.
4. Combine ChatGPT with other writing and storyboarding tools.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT for writing my stories?

ChatGPT has plenty of benefits: 
1. It can allow you to brainstorm.
2. Refines your writing through providing improvements.
3. The system generates multiple ideas.
4. It can help you to control the storyline and eliminate complexity.

What are the other tasks that can be made easy using ChatGPT?

The pool of benefits of ChatGPT is not limited to one domain. It can be used for a plethora of other tasks too.
1. Poetry writing
2. Writing lyrics
3. Emails
4. Task automation
5. Scripts
6. Letters.

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