ChatGPT: What Is It, How to Use It, and FAQs
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Chat GPT: What Is It, How to Use It, and FAQs?

Open AI has recently launched its innovative chatbot tool ChatGPT, which inspired millions of people worldwide to experiment with it differently. The AI tool has already changed the way, the internet will feel and look to its users. However, a few others are finding answers to a few questions related to the OpenAI-developed new tool. If you are the one, you should dedicate your time to knowing Chat GPT’s meaning and other relevant details about the AI tool. 

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT refers to an artificial intelligence or AI chatbot. It creates humanlike dialogues for conversation by using the natural language processing method. As a language model, it responds to queries and composes different written content, like social media posts, articles, codes, essays, and emails. is also a type of generative AI tool to lets users enter their prompts to generate humanlike texts, images, or videos developed by AI. It is also like any other automated chat service available on any customer service website. On the other side, people may ask questions or request clarification to different ChatGPT replies.

Other than that, Open AI developers have used human feedback to train ChatGPT with reinforcement learning and reward models, which rank the best responses. The feedback may augment ChatGPT to improve its responses in the future.

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How to Use Chat GPT?

How to Use Chat GPT?

Now, the question is how to use Chat GPT. For this, initially, we check the points related to using the OpenAI developed here.

  1. Visit the official website of ChatGPT Open AI or use its mobile app to sign up or log in. The best thing is that both web and app versions of the tool are free.
  2. You will get a message box on the home page of your ChatGPT, where you may type any prompt of your choice.
  3. ChatGPT will give a response. Now, you get multiple options, which are entering a new prompt, regenerating the response, copying the response, and sharing it. You may even dislike or like the generated response.

Once you know the basic points related to how to use ChatGPT, you may take a close look at each of the points:

OpenAI Account Creation

You should create your OpenAI account by visiting the website or any other related OpenAI or ChatGPT website. Click on Register or Sign Up. You may use any valid email address or sign in by using your Microsoft or Google account. Users signing up with their email addresses should perform a phone verification to confirm that they are humans and not any bot.

Ask Any Question to ChatGPT

Users may type text queries or ChatGPT prompts in the home page’s message bar and click Enter. Alternatively, you may click on the icon Send on the AI tool’s home page.

Interact with the Responses/Replies of ChatGPT

Now, you may get responses or replies within a few seconds only by using ChatGPT. Once ChatGPT responds, you get multiple options-

Enter New Prompts

An interesting feature of ChatGPT is that it memorizes your conversation to give you the feel of any real back-and-forth dialogue. Accordingly, users may ask ChatGPT to modify the responses without any repetition or by starting from scratch. ChatGPT may even refer to whatever you discussed before and use the same discussion to inform its further response.

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Regenerate Responses

If the ChatGPT response you receive is not the one that you are looking for, you may select Regenerate response to generate another response from the ChatGPT tool.

Copy the ChatGPT’s Response

If you want to share ChatGPT’s response with someone else, you may click the icon of the clipboard near the generated response to copy it. Once you complete this, the icon will become a checkmark indicating that the tool successfully copied it.

Share Your ChatGPT Conversation

Users may click an upward-facing arrow icon of Share Chat to share their AI tool with their colleagues and friends. By doing so, you will generate a unique URL for the respective conversation to share. When the person opens the respective link/URL, he may not only open the chat but may even pick up wherever you or he left off.

Like/Dislike the Received ChatGPT Response

As ChatGPT cannot think like human beings, it may not determine or differentiate between good and bad responses on its own. Instead, the tool relies on its users to input the right data to learn. Hence, if you get a good response, you should click on the thumbs-up icon near it.

You may even get the option to share whenever you like the response to let the ChatGPT tool improve. In contrast, you may click the icon thumbs-down beside the ChatGPT response to dislike. You may even get the option of additional feedback by entering your response manually or clicking either of the auto-selected feedbacks.

When was ChatGPT Released?

Open AI developers created and released a unique ChatGPT tool in November 2022. The founders, researchers, and entrepreneurs of this Artificial Intelligence tool are Sam Altman and Elon Musk. Right from the establishment of this powerful tool, many technology savvies have searched Chat GPT what is it, and other similar questions over the internet.

What does GPT stand for in ChatGPT?

what does chat gpt stand for

Do you want to know what Chat GPT stands for? The answer is GPT is the acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It implies the method followed by ChatGPT to process your requests and formulate the responses.

How to Access Chat GPT as a Mobile App?

Users who want to access the Chat GPT app on their Tablets or Smartphone devices should download it. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, downloading the app is the easiest way to use it. Follow the below steps to access the GPT tool on your mobile phone:

Open the App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

To start, you should head to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on your Android and iOS devices respectively. Search for the ChatGPT app and select Install/Get to install the application on your device.

Create Your Account

Once you install the app, tap on its icon and log into it by using your Open AI account. Make sure to use the username and password correctly. If you do not have an account, create a new one on the Open AI opening page. 

Start to Use Chat GPT

Now, that you have created your account and logged on, you may use the Chat GPT chatbot in the same way, as you use its web version. Submit a prompt of your choice in the app’s search bar and wait for ChatGPT to generate its responses.

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What Does ChatGPT Do?

Once you learn the installation process related to Chat GPT, you will learn about what Chat GPT does. Chat GPT performs its functions with the help of a few specialized algorithms to search for patterns within different data sequences.

Another question that comes to our mind is what is Chat GPT used for. For this, we should say that users may ask multiple questions to ChatGPT. As the AI tool is proficient enough, it answers both simple and complex questions.

Simultaneously, you may use the tool to write and debug codes. Each of these aspects makes ChatGPT a versatile tool to use for several human conversations. Until now, people have used the tool to perform the following activities-

  • Computer program coding and identification of bugs in created codes
  • Composing music
  • Drafting business emails
  • Scripting social media posts
  • Writing video scripts
  • Summarizing podcasts, articles, and presentations
  • Creating article titles
  • Solving problems in Mathematics
  • Identification of keywords for successful Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating blog posts, articles, and quizzes for diverse websites
  • Rewording existing content for a separate medium, like the transcription of a presentation for any blog post
  • Formulation of product descriptions
  • Playing games
  • Assistance in job searches
  • Writing of cover letters and resumes
  • Asking various trivia questions
  • Description of complex topics in a simple manner
  • Market research for different types of products
  • Art generation

The unique aspect of the ChatGPT chatbot is that it remembers different questions to let you continue your conversation fluidly.

Future of ChatGPT and its Potential Implications

ChatGPT has a bright future, as it has a huge potential to create advanced language models. With consistent evolution in technology, we always expect many advancements and abilities of ChatGPT. A few of the ChatGPT development areas are as follows-

Context Awareness

Context Awareness is an essential area of technological development for ChatGPT. Currently, it generates responses based on phrases and words it receives. However, it fails to understand a few contexts based on the used phrases and words. As the technology advances, we expect better results from ChatGPT in terms of understanding phrases and contexts. Each of these will lead to accurate and relevant results.

Multi-modal Learning

Multi-modal learning is also a prime area of development related to ChatGPT. It indicates the ability to include diverse inputs, like videos and images into the existing learning process. By doing so, ChatGPT generates more sophisticated responses by considering the available information.

Specialized Language Models

ChatGPT also has the potential to create specialized language models tailored to specific use cases and industries.


ChatGPT has a huge demand among global users, who want to improve their lives and enhance productivity. Many workers have used this innovative AI chatbot tool as a ChatGPT app to write listings, develop codes, and create diverse plans. A few individuals have even used ChatGPT to excel in their careers. Based on the abilities of ChatGPT, its benefits, and development areas, we can say that the AI tool has a promising future and enormous potential to create advanced language models. With technological improvement, ChatGPT will become more ubiquitous with several applications in diverse industries.


Who developed Chat GPT?

Open AI Artificial Intelligence Company and its researchers, founders, and scientists have developed the powerful Chat GPT AI Tool. Especially, Sam Altman and Elon Musk are the prime contributors to this drastic development.

How do I get Chat GPT?

You may get the Chat GPT web version and the mobile app. However, you should visit the official OpenAI website to use it. In contrast, mobile users should install the app on iOS or Android devices.

Is it Chat gp3 or Chat GPT/ChatGPT?

Users often search for both Chat GPT3 and ChatGPT keywords. However, Chat GP3 is the wrong one and the correct keyword is Chat GPT or ChatGPT.

What kind of AI is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT uses a natural language processing type of AI chatbot to provide dialogues identical to humanlike conversations. The AI language model even responds to human questions and creates diverse content.

Where to use ChatGPT?

You may use Chat GPT for almost everything of your choice. These include drafting emails, creating relevant content, writing resumes, designing images, and more.

Is ChatGPT free or paid?

ChatGPT is available in two different versions, where GPT 3.5 is a free tool while GPT4 is a paid one.

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