Get ChatGPT to Rank Magic Commander Decks
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Get ChatGPT to Rank Magic Commander Decks: Master Strategy

In this blog post we will explore how to get ChatGPT to rank magic commander decks and enhance your overall gameplay experience and prowess.

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has been captivating players for decades with its deep strategy and endless possibilities. One of the most beloved formats within MTG is Commander, where players construct unique 100-card decks led by a legendary creature.

However, constructing a formidable For players who are just starting out building a commander deck might be challenging. But fear not, as recent developments in AI technology like ChatGPT can help us with the process of designing decks and even grading our commander decks according to effectiveness.

Understanding Commander Deck Building

Let’s quickly examine the principles of building a potent deck in this format before getting into the technicalities of using ChatGPT to rank our Commander decks.. A Commander deck consists of 100 cards including the commander itself. The deck should have a consistent mana curve, work well with the selected commander, and have a well-balanced selection of creature cards, spells, enchantments, artifacts, and lands. The deck should also have a distinct strategy and win condition that takes into account the multiplayer dynamics of the format.

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Introducing ChatGPT and its Capabilities

ChatGPT is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI capable of generating human like text responses based on the given prompt. With the help of ChatGPT we can seek advice, generate ideas, and evaluate the effectiveness of our Commander decks. By training ChatGPT on a vast amount of Magic related data, it becomes a valuable tool for players seeking guidance in their deck building process.

Utilizing ChatGPT for Deck Optimization

To make the most out of ChatGPT for optimizing our Commander deck, we can initiate a conversation where we discuss our commander’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall game plan. We can ask ChatGPT for advice on which cards would work best to complement our commander’s abilities and support our gameplay strategies. Also ChatGPT can give us information about the current meta, suggest cards, and even assess the overall strength of our deck.

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Using ChatGPT to Rank Commander Decks

We can use ChatGPT’s features to rank our Commander decks once we’ve used them to optimize our deck. By providing ChatGPT with information about the deck’s strategy, game plan, and potential win conditions, we can ask it to evaluate the deck’s effectiveness. Through its analysis, ChatGPT can suggest improvements, identify potential weaknesses, and offer insights into the card choices that may impact the deck’s overall power level.

Accepting the Collaborative Side

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it is crucial to remember that it shouldn’t replace the joy of collaborating with fellow Magic players. Engaging in discussions with human players, seeking advice from experienced friends, and participating in deck building communities still holds immense value. ChatGPT should be viewed as an additional resource to enhance and refine our deck-building skills, not a standalone solution.


Leveraging AI technology such as ChatGPT can significantly improve our Commander deck-building skills and help us rank our decks in terms of their effectiveness. By utilizing the insights, suggestions, and evaluations provided by ChatGPT, we can optimize our decks, better understand the current meta, and increase our chances of success in Magic’s Commander format. However, let’s not forget the importance of human collaboration and the joy of sharing our deck-building journeys with fellow players. With ChatGPT as a tool in our arsenal, we can reach new heights in our Commander gameplay and further explore the endless possibilities of the Magic: The Gathering universe.

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Who is the most powerful Commander in Magic?

Depending on individual preference and playstyle, The Gathering Commander power levels can change. Urza, Lord High Artificer, Zur the Enchanter, and The Gitrog Monster are a few noteworthy and powerful Commanders.

How much land should a Commander deck have?

Around 35 to 40 lands should be present in a typical Commander deck. The strategy of the deck, the mana curve, and the quantity of mana rocks in the deck can all affect this amount.

What is the best Commander deck in Magic: The Gathering?

Depending on one’s personal preferences and playing habits, different commander decks may be considered to be the greatest. However decks from the Commander Masters series, Commander Legends preconstructed decks, and decks from the 2019 Set are among of the most well-liked and respected Commander decks.

Who is the best Gathering Commander?

Choosing the greatest Gathering Commander again comes down to taste and playing style. Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice, Edgar Markov, and Prossh, Skyraider of Kher are a few of the gamers’ favorites.

Who can be a Commander in Magic?

Any legendary creature or planeswalker may be selected as a Commander in the Commander format. However,certain cards might also list additional limitations in their text such as the requirement for a particular color identity or subtype.

Is Commander the most popular Magic format?

Over time, Commander has become one of the most well-liked Magic formats, especially among casual and multiplayer players. However, depending on regional and local gaming communities the popularity of various formats can change.

Who is the most powerful Commander in Magic?

The Gathering is unpredictable and liable to change depending on player preferences, playstyles, and game meta. Powerful Commanders like The First Sliver, Najeela, the Blade-Blossom, and Tymna the Weaver are frequently mentioned.

What is the least played Commander in MTG?

Over time and in various gaming communities, the popularity of commanders can change. However, less well-known or specialized choices like Lady Caleria, Taniwha, and Thelon of Havenwood are among the Commanders that are less frequently played.

 What is the most competitive magic format?

Due to their broader selection of cards and propensity for stronger cards, Vintage and Legacy are frequently regarded as the most competitive Magic forms. However, the regional and local gaming communities can also influence the competitive environment.

What is a good ratio for cards in Commander?

A typical Commander deck should consist of 40% lands (about 36–40), 35% non-land cards (roughly 31–35), and 25% mana rocks, ramp, and card draw spells (around 22–25). However, depending on the strategy, curve, and personal preferences of the deck, this percentage can be changed.

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