Moonbeam AI: Long Form Content Writing Assistant
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Moonbeam AI: Long Form Content Writing Assistant

Are you tired of spending many hours writing blogs, articles, reviews, web content, and other write-ups for your business? Do you want to write catchy newsletters to inform you about your product launch to your clients? If yes, you should try the latest Moonbeam AI writer tool. As an innovative AI-based writing assistant tool, it helps users compose several forms of long and short content.  

What is Moonbeam AI?

Moonbeam AI refers to an AI tool that creates high-quality content within a few minutes. The tool uses machine learning techniques with natural language processing to design informative and engaging content tailored to your specific requirements. The AI-based writing tool lets you create articles, essays, stories, blog posts, social media posts, reviews, testimonials, and lots more in no time.

What is Moonbeam AI?

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What are the key features of Moonbeam AI?

Moonbeam AI model has the following interesting features to be a demanding AI writing tool:

What are the key features of Moonbeam AI?

Moonbeam Wizard

The tool has the Wizard Window to transform scattered notes into a well-structured outline and later convert the outlines into informative long-form content.    

Smart Chat

The AI writing tool employs the latest GPT-4 chatbot technology, by which you may send feedback to the tool. Accordingly, Moonbeam AI makes the necessary edits to your documents.

Luna AI Access

Moonbeam lets you input simple phrases by prompting the Lune AI and letting it return drafts consisting of long-form content.  

Content Clusters

Willing to generate multiple contents from a single keyword or a prompt, just try Moonbeam’s Content Clusters feature. The cluster generates a cluster of more than 10 content ideas from only one keyword/prompt instantly.

Customized Style Generator

Everyone today looks for customization features in the existing AI tool. Luckily, the Moonbeam AI writing tool has the prime feature of a custom style generator. Accordingly, it not only drafts content but also mimics the styles of renowned authors, political leaders, comedians, business tycoons, and many more.  

Collaboration Mode

The collaboration mode feature of this AI writing tool lets it work together on multiple documents like your Google Docs.  

Advanced Text Editor

The AI writing generator possesses rich media integration, Boss Mode, and several other advanced editing features.

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How Does Moonbeam AI Work?

Moonbeam AI art performs its functions based on Artificial Intelligence. It initially understands your specific content requirements. Later, it generates relevant and original content. You may select from diverse types of content, like social media posts, blog posts, and marketing copies. You may even specify the style and tone of your content with its target audience.

Once you share your content requirements, Moonbeam generates a wide range of options to select. You may later review the available options to select the best one. Also, the writing tool lets you edit any generated text to make it far better.

The Moonbeam AI writing tool also leverages the existing GPT-4 technology to create engaging and long-form content. The tool lets users generate several content clusters and select the topic of their own choice. Moonbeam also generates a draft and an outline from the selected topic to allow users to modify it until they become satisfied with the outcome.  

What are the Benefits of Using Moonbeam AI?

Save Your Valuable Time

A prime benefit of Moonbeam AI is that it lets you save valuable time. Conventional content writing or content creation methods involve dedicating many hours of research work, creating layouts/outlines, writing, proofreading, and editing.

In contrast, with this AI writer tool, you may create high-quality content within a few minutes. Indeed, you become free to accomplish several other vital tasks. The AI writer is of huge significance for small business owners and entrepreneurs who possess limited resources but need to develop high-quality and consistent content.

Assurance of High-Quality Contents

Moonbeam’s algorithm always produces high-quality content. For this, the platform combines natural language processing with machine learning to analyze several data points and identify certain patterns in the use of language.

The tool also analyzes professional or friendly tone and sentence structure. Each of these abilities lets the AI writer develop grammatically correct and engaging content tailored to one’s target audience.

Tons of Features Lead to Effortless Content Creation

Moonbeam AI writer provides several interesting features, which led to effortless content creation. It has a user-friendly interface to create content faster and with ease. The best thing is that you may use the tool even when you do not have any experience or knowledge of content creation. Also, the platform contains a variety of templates to let you start content creation with ease.  

Content Optimization to Ensure Improved Search Engine Ranks

Moonbeam AI model lets you optimize your generated content to fulfill the SEO requirements. With the help of the NLP algorithm, it analyzes your content and suggests you improve it to achieve improved search engine rankings. SEO-optimized content is crucial for every individual and business venture, who relies on organic search traffic to drive online sales via massive website traffic.

How to use Moonbeam AI?

Once you set up Moonbeam AI Account, you should select any of the below personas-

  1. Educator
  2. Content marketer
  3. Student
  4. Business
  5. Writer
  6. Freelancer and
  7. Others
  • You will get the homepage with a vertical menu bar on the left side of the screen. The “Launchpad is the prime part of your Moonbeam AI screen, which has 2 windows named Your Documents and Moonbeam Wizard.”
  • Click Moonbeam Wizard to redirect yourself to a new page. Here, you need to type a relevant contextual phrase, for which you want to generate blogs, reviews, or any type of content.
  • For instance, you may ask Moonbeam AI writing tool to write a short blog and click on the button ‘Generate Blog Outline’
  • By doing so, the AI writing tool will generate a specific outline
  • If you like the outline, you should select Create a Draft

The Moonbeam AI writer will complete your blog by writing short, catchy, and informative paragraphs for every section.

Who Should Use Moonbeam AI?

Moonbeam writing AI tool is for almost every type of individual, which includes the following-

  • For students to write assignments and essays
  • For authors to draft their scripts, stories, and books
  • For bloggers to create articles and blog posts
  • For online marketers to create website content, social media posts, and similar others
  • For teachers to develop assignments, lectures, lessons
  • For professionals to write documents and research reports
  • For freelancers to save their valuable time on diverse client-related projects
  • For businesses to create newsletters, guides, and docs

Alternatives to Moonbeam AI

If you want to know alternative AI writing tools or alternatives to Moonbeam AI, you may try either of the following-


Writesonic is an AI-operated writing platform that empowers every user to create any type of content about 10 times faster. It works like a Canva for writing and possesses tools to simplify the process of creating, editing, and publishing diverse content. You may use Writesonic for SEO-optimized blog posts and articles, web pages or landing pages, social media posts, e-commerce product descriptions, and related forms of content.  


Virbo is another AI-based platform that lets users leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to design professional video scrips. Also, the tool lets you boost your avatar videos with more than 180 customized templates to amplify the overall influence. Virbo also possesses the feature of personalization. Indeed, users may select from VR avatars, and customize their languages, accents, and languages to design tailored and unique video content.  


Copilot uses innovative AI algorithms to recommend codes and diverse functions to its users in real-time and from their editors.

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer AI tool harnesses the existing ChatGPT AI power to help users in writing diverse tasks. The tool allows users to write many short email messages and newsletters, fix common spelling and grammar mistakes, change writing tones, rephrase/summarize texts, and do lots more. ChatGPT writer also works seamlessly on almost every website and is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and other Chromium browsers. 

Pricing Plans of Moonbeam AI

Moonbeam AI writer tool offers the following pricing plans:

Pricing Plans of Moonbeam AI

Free Trial Plan

If you are a beginner to Moonbeam, you may try the free trial plan available with limited access features.

Pro Plan

This plan is available at $49 per month with yearly billing to provide long-form and unlimited writing, access to different AI writing tools, social media posts, Moonbeam Chat, Boss Mode, Ask Luna, a customized style generator, the Moonbeam Wizard, and support to a single user.  

Team Plan

The Team Plan is available at $99 per month for a single seat. It contains everything you get in a Pro Plan. However, the Team plan integrates with your existing tools to allow collaborative editing in real-time and supports multiple users with priority support.


Moonbeam AI Writer tool is a game-changer platform in the field of content creation. It combines a user-friendly interface with AI algorithms to create high-quality content within only a few minutes. Furthermore, the tool has SEO optimization features to be the right option for individuals and businesses who need to create high-quality and consistent content at the most budget-friendly price.

Therefore, with only a little effort and money, you may streamline the process of creating content and design informative and engaging content as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moonbeam AI free to use?

Yes, Moonbeam AI has a free trial offer for its users. However, the free trial remains only for a limited period and incorporates only a few limited features of AI writing assistance. 

How much does Moonbeam AI cost?

The cost of your Moonbeam AI depends on the selected plan. A Pro Plan will cost you $49 per month with annual billing but the Team Plan costs you $99 monthly for one seat. Other than that, you will get a free trial pack for a limited period with access to limited features.

What languages does Moonbeam AI support?

Currently Moonbeam AI supports English language only, but the developers are actively working on adding more languages in the future.

Does Moonbeam AI offer plagiarism checks?

Moonbeam AI is a powerful writing assistant, it generates original content based on your prompts, but it does not have a built-in plagiarism checker.

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