What is Namelix AI Business Name Generator?
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Namelix AI Business Name Generator-What is It?

Your brand name plays a vital role in today’s competitive business world. It is the first thing that your prospects and customers see and remember. Here comes the role of Namelix AI Business Name Generator. As an AI-powered generator for business names, it creates catchy, short, and easy-rememberable brand names to set your venture apart from intense competition.  

What is Namelix AI?

Namelix.com Generator uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create names for your business and brands. The tool can generate short and branded names based on your business ideas and product offerings. The Namelix algorithm also analyzes your preferences to give better recommendations with time. You only need to provide keywords with their related constraints and Namelix will generate names as per different variants and relevancy in no time.

What is Namelix.com

What are the key features of Namelix AI?

Namelix AI has the following interesting features:

AI-Powered Name Generation

Namelix AI uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create/generate many unique, short, interesting, and brandable names.

Contains Customized Filters

The AI tool possesses customized filters. Accordingly, users may prioritize short names, domain extensions, or specific keywords.

Save Generated/Suggested Names

Namelix may save the generated or suggested names to use in the future.

Provides Information on Domains

Another unique feature of Namelix is that it provides updates related to domain availability and other domain-related information.

Improved Recommendations with Time

If you use Namelix frequently, you will see that it delivers better results. The logic is that the tool analyzes your preferences to develop improved recommendations with time.

Logo Creation Service

Namelix works with Brandmark.io to deliver an Artificial Intelligence-powered logo creation service. Accordingly, businesses may create professional logos as well with their brand names.

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How Does Namelix Generator Work?

Namelix Business Name Generator uses the innovative AI language model and related neural networks to generate several unique business names for your venture/brand. The tool performs its functions as follows-

  • To start working with the tool, you should input a few keywords related to your new business idea into the Namelix AI generator.
  • Based on your provided keywords, the AI generator analyzes them to understand the concept and goals of your business.
  • Later, Namelix generators many short and interesting name ideas relevant to your venture.
  • You may filter business names according to their domain extensions, keywords, and their lengths.
  • When you save the business names you like or click on ‘Heart’, the Namelix algorithm understands your preferences and gives you valuable recommendations with time.  

Other than names, Namelix gives you certain options to filter, like the randomness and style of your business/brand name. In case of style, you may select the name of two words, alternate spellings, non-English words, and many more.

In contrast, the randomness filter may let you tweak the obtained results. Accordingly, if you select ‘low random’ you will get only straightforward results. Medium will give a few creative brand names. Lastly, high random will give you multiple options.

If you want enhanced customization, you may enter your brand information to provide your business description. Alternatively, check the available domains related to your business keywords.

What are the Benefits of Using Namelix Name Generator?

Innovative Tool for Businesses

Namelix is much more than a random brand/business name generator. It is an innovative tool to harness generative adversarial networks and the ability of natural language processing.

Aligns with Brand Identity Seamlessly

Namelix Generator allows you to customize your naming preferences based on your specified name lengths, their styles, and the industry’s relevance. You may choose any style from misspelled letters, compounds, and abstracts. Such flexibility makes sure that your generated business names align with your users’ vision and your specific brand identities.  

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

Namelix AI generator possesses an intuitive and user-friendly interface to give a seamless user experience. Hence, entrepreneurs may generate their ideas related to business names within only a few minutes.

Increases the Probability of the Perfect Name

Namelix AI algorithms understand the users’ input to generate creative and relevant business/brand names. Such an approach provides a diverse range and a more comprehensive name suggestion. Indeed, your likelihood of finding the right venture name increases drastically. 

Countless Logo Designs Available

Namelix generator provides countless logo design suggestions for every business name. As logo designs are customizable, users may create visually appealing and cohesive brand identities.

Save and Export Your Combinations

The AI tool lets users save their favorite combinations of business names and logos. Accordingly, you may visit and compare your available options repeatedly. Also, users may export their chosen names and logos to streamline their marketing activities and set up their online presence.

Who Should Use Namelix?

Namelix platform caters to diverse use cases and industries as follows-

1. Small Businesses and Startups

Small Businesses and Startups may use the name generator tool to generate a few unique names for their new ventures to achieve a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

2. Software Solutions and Mobile Apps

One can discover unique mobile apps and software solutions to resonate with the target users.

3. Online and E-commerce Stores

Use Namelix to find the most appropriate name for your e-commerce or online store to highlight the desired product niche and offerings.

4. New Product Lines and/or Services

You may generate enticing names for your new product lines and/or services. Accordingly, you will ensure a strong presence in the competitive market.

Alternatives to Namelix

Regardless of the reason, if you are looking for Namelix alternatives, you should try the following AI-based name-generator tool-

Branition AI-Based Tool

Branition AI tool generates several memorable business names via a few complex algorithms. It also allows users to use the filter options, and explore brand color categories, logo market, and others for approval.


The Looka AI tool generates unique and catchy business names to meet different purposes. The tool uses the base GPT-4 and related customized options to display name origins and meanings. Also, the tool lets you save and share your preferred names on Facebook and other social media sites.


NameSnack comes equipped with advanced naming techniques with Artificial Intelligence to generate business names and check specific business domains instantly. You only need to create your account to create your brand.

AI Domain Genius

AI Domain Genius is helpful for businesses looking for domain name ideas along with their brand names. The tool uses AI to generate domain names based on your preferred business domain. It also offers customized themes and parameters.


If logo design is your prime objective, you should choose the Namelix alternative of Brandmark. It is an Artificial Intelligence-based design tool to create business logos automatically. Brandmark AI tool may create thousands of stunning logos based on graphics and color selections, measurements, ranking, favicons, and multi-resolution logos. It also develops ideas related to font pairs and creates logos for diverse brands.

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Pricing Plans of Namelix

Namelix AI Generator is an AI-powered invaluable tool for every new business. It offers short and branded names, that are memorable and affordable both. Also, the tool offers you domain availability checks and logo generation facilities to give you a complete brand identity.


Namelix AI Generator is an AI-powered invaluable tool for every new business. It offers short and branded names, that are memorable and affordable both. Also, the tool offers you domain availability checks and logo generation facilities to give you a complete brand identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Namelix?

To use the Namelix Generator tool, you should-
1. Visit the official Namelix website namelix.com.
2. Enter your preferences related to a specific business name, which include keywords and your business description
3. Also, you should select the style and quality of your brand/business name.
4. Once you enter the details, the generator tool will do the rest work.
Besides, it lets users filter results based on the availability of keywords, name length, and domain extensions. Namelix learns from the brand names you like and improves its recommendations accordingly.

Is Namelix secure?

Namelix AI tool is a secure business tool, as experts have designed it to keep the user’s safety at the utmost priority.

Is Namelix free to use?

Yes, the Namelix AI tool is completely free to use.

How much does Namelix cost?

Namelix is available as a free version only. Thus, you do not need to pay anything to use it.

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