Top 10 Platforms To Create Your Online Service App Without Coding
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Top 10 Platforms To Create Your Online Service Apps Without Coding

With the growth of smartphone users, mobile applications have become mandatory for any enterprise’s growth, as it can be used to promote their products and services. Besides, developers have also honed their skills based on current technology standards and user expectations. From the last couple of years, the consumption of online services also have increased; people these days prefer doorstep services, whether it could be a taxi, food, grocery, or appointing a maid or handyman. So in this blog we will discuss about top 10 platforms to create your online service apps without coding.

Creating an app from scratch may be a routine task for experienced developers, but what about newbies? How can they stand out from the other 3.6 million apps

There are numerous platforms for building apps, but the majority require solid knowledge of programming. 

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Top 10 Platforms For Building Apps Without Coding

You want to develop an app but no idea from where to get started and how to integrate modern features. With the below-mentioned app makers, you can build a functional app based on your business requirements. Here we have compiled the best of 10 platforms that you can use to create an app without coding. 


When it comes to building apps with enticing features and functionality, Elluminati is the first name that pop-ups in our mind. They have an extensive range of readymade app builders including delivery app maker that let food business owners create custom apps within a couple of minutes.  

but You can build Android and iOS apps without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, you can also include many features and personalized your app as per your business requirements.  


Appypie is another well-known app builder platform that allows you to build online servicing apps with enticing features. Using Appypie, you can create a wide range of apps such as for healthcare, messaging, shopping, and restaurants, and many more. Even you can develop an app like Uber from scratch. Besides, you can also integrate extensive online payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, credit/debit cards, etc. 

Moreover, Appypie can also for Blackberry; it offers several features like: 

  1. Support for push notifications
  2. App owners can monetize the app with adverts
  3. Support for the use of GPS location 

Plans start at free with adverts until $33 per month.

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Established by Vasily Salomatov and Oleg Grebenuy in 2014, AppsGeyser is one of the best app makers without the use of a tedious coding process. This online platform helps entrepreneurs create, edit, publish, and even monetize apps using a simple drag and drop procedure. 

You can create apps for anything, including websites, games, browsers, etc. completely for free. It also offers certain features that make your app unique from the crowd, such as:

  1. Social sharing tabs
  2. Inbuilt messaging options
  3. Supports mobile commerce
  4. Allow you to create custom menus
  5. Chat rooms  is one type of framework that is considered a cloud-based app development tool that helps business owners build fully-functional apps. It also comes with modern features that make your on-demand service application sophisticated. It also offers many plugins that are used for social media, emailing and also support technologies like jQuery, Angular.js, etc. 


GameSalad is another no-code development platform that can be used to build mobile applications. As the name suggests, GameSalad is mostly used for building game applications for macOS, iOS, and HTML5 platforms. This platform uses a drag and drop interface and does not require solid coding knowledge to access it. 

GameSalad offers some exciting features to users such as:

  1. Drag and drop interface
  2. In-app shopping
  3. Allows the use of gaming APIs

GameSalad is free, but if you use it subsequently, the price starts from $299 a year. 


AppMachine enables you to quickly develop an app for your business by importing content from it. It has more than 70+ templates and 35 building blocks to choose from that help you build an app without any coding.

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Once you publish your app, AppMachine also helps you in the promotion. Like other platforms, AppMachine allows you to import and export photos from social media platforms. 

The basic plan starts from $59 to $300 per month. 


GoodBarber is one of the apps without coding development creator which puts emphasis on designs. It also allows users to create attractive, impressive, and elegant applications. From local businesses to all range of enterprises using this platform to create advanced applications. 

It also allows you to create native apps for different platforms such as windows, iOS, Android, and progressive web apps. Its collection of more than 300 features makes it popular. Plans start from $15 per month with 100GB storage. 


Swiftic is originally known as Como. Moreover, if you want to use this platform, you don’t require any prior coding knowledge. All you have is the unique app idea and features you want to integrate in that and get started with it. All you need to select a particular category for your business, choose an appropriate theme, and publish it. Once you make a solid customer base, you can also monetize your app using this platform. 


More than 30,000 businesses use BuildFire to build their apps as it offers some advanced features that makes it popular among entrepreneurs. Click on the feature and functionality you want to add in the app, you can edit as well. You will have your own app within a couple of hours with unique features such as social media integration, loyalty programs, push notification, etc. that help you stand out from competition. 

Plans start from $59 per month to $499, based on your usage and requirements.

Mobile Roadie

We are ending our list with Mobile Roadie. 

Mobile Roadie has achieved huge success in the domain of apps without coding development. Extensive range of theme options, wide range of templates and other exciting features enabling business owners to develop apps with cost-effective rates. 

There are not any fixed pricing plans; you need to submit your application to get a fixed quote. 

Final Comments

Indeed, many professionals and companies use these ready-made app builders that add value to the business and offer many benefits. These days, the on-demand business model is flourishing because it offers comfort and ensures business profitability. If you want to hit the market in early-stage, the above app builders allow you to build a quality apps without coding for your business. 

Hopefully, this well-researched list helps you make an informed decision. 

Try, choose, design, and execute the tool that accomplishes your core objectives. 

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