QR Codes: A Beneficial Factor You Must Know About
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QR Codes: A Beneficial Factor You Must Know About

Several products, called QR codes, have small, black square pixels on the back. The software that helps create these codes and grant them a unique identity is called QR code generators. Companies hire a panel of highly skilled code developers to develop encrypted codes that provide helpful information to customers. The embedded data is usually interpreted and scanned to obtain details about the product and the company’s contact number. 

The QR codes were developed by a Japanese Toyota motor company named Denso Wave to determine the parts of an automobile. Since then, there has been a pronounced use of QR codes in several businesses and industries. 

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Steps to create QR codes

Users can select a QR code generator for free to develop QR codes online. These could provide a link to the users to help them land on the webpage, navigate the website or have the company’s contact details. After that, you might decide the type of QR code you want. 

After entering all the details, you can test the functioning of the QR codes. Then, you can choose the colours you want for the QR codes. Go for a unique colour combination that resonates with the brand. The users can also select the QR code format and download it. 

Features of QR codes

The QR codes are square-shaped and hold the data vertically and horizontally. These contain specific information such as the location data, URLs to the landing pages, promotion strategies and contact details. 

Also, these codes can store humongous data and keep it encrypted and secure to prevent the information from being misused or falling into the wrong hands. 

How do QR codes increase Search Engine rankings or drive traffic to the website?

Numerous businesses devise strategies to drive traffic to their websites. One of the most reliable methods to increase search engine ranking is to assign a URL QR code to every blog. 

Using this code, people can share the blogs/articles with friends, colleagues or family members. It is elementary to share the QR code as the readers can interpret them and read the write ups published on different websites and online platforms. 

In addition, companies might add QR codes at the end of the emails they send to potential or target customers. By enclosing the codes, the email marketing campaigns become successful and worthwhile. 

The customer support teams can add QR codes instead of links in the chat boxes. This would help the organization address their queries and resolve them instantly. 

By using QR codes as images on social media platforms, different businesses can draw customers’ attention. These can persuade the users to buy their products, spark interest in the organization and cater to a diverse clientele. 

The popular methods of using QR codes with text

After purchasing a product, it is common to know about its application. Reading vast blocks of text in the manuals has become passe. People do not want to go through guides or manuals that are infused with information. Instead of writing pages of text, companies have become smart and begun to use QR codes. 

These print the codes in the manuals or the guides with relevant information embedded in them. Using a text format for the QR codes helps to edit, store and update the instructions that help comprehend the use of the equipment or the purchased product. 

Moreover, the data is easily readable and accessible to users on different digital devices. Several authors can attract the attention of bibliophiles by creating QR codes for their books online. They might provide a synopsis of the novel and embed the necessary information. 

Different landmarks or tourist destinations could be provided with a QR code on Google Maps. If visitors are interested in going to these places, they can interpret the codes, read some interesting trivia about the area and go ahead with their decision. 

Ways to use QR codes for smart packaging

The process of smart packaging is garnering attention these days. It encapsulates the use of QR codes and digital features to provide in-depth knowledge of the products. 

Working with embedded sensors is not always the right thing to do, as it requires a great deal of expertise. However, with the use of QR codes, smart packaging has become easy. These codes help create interesting videos, PDFs, images, and links about the products.

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As these are easy to download, people can view the things they need and share their feedback. Creating QR codes is an effortless process that requires no skill. The codes can be customized by using a better font, colour or pixel quality to suit the needs of the business. 


Summing it up, online marketing and digital practices have become extremely easy with the use of QR codes. These square-shaped pixels embed humongous information and are used for a variety of businesses across the world. The QR code generator is the software that helps create QR codes that can be customized according to the companies. An expert panel of code developers is employed by organizations to develop encrypted codes that are secure and can store loads of data. 

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