makeO Aligners: Redefining smile makeover

makeO Aligners: Redefining smile makeover

Pictures are like the memory bank that helps us relive that moment time and again. But not most of us are into clicking pictures, just because we don’t have that picture-perfect smile. It’s not that we don’t want to get that celeb-like smile, we refrain from getting a smile makeover because nobody wants to go through that trauma of teeth straightening.

Fixing teeth alignment issues through metal braces is the most conventional way, but not all of us opt for it, and hence getting that perfect smile remains an unrealized dream.

But with changing times and advancements in the field of science and technology, our orthodontists have designed a more convenient, effective, and comfortable way of fixing almost all types of orthodontic issues. Teeth aligners have brought a revolution and have made teeth straightening everyone’s cup of teeth.

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Here’s all about teeth aligners:

Teeth aligners provide a new-age smile makeover solution that is based on the latest technology. They help us to get the desired results faster, hassle-free, and conveniently. Whereas, metal braces have become a thing of the past now because people have found alternatives to the pain and agony that braces for teeth used to give them.

Different brands offer aligner treatment, but one such Indian brand that has been the most trusted and customers favorite is toothsi by makeO. It is a brand that offers at-home smile makeovers and is backed by experts. Founded by renowned orthodontists in our country toothsi teeth aligners are the perfect alternative to those wired metal braces.

toothsi teeth aligners are a set of customized plastic trays that fit perfectly as they are made only after assessing one’s mouth scan. They apply gentle pressure on teeth and help them move in the desired position with the least complications and pain.

Why choose makeO?

  1. Based on the latest technology: Based on the latest technology toothsi aligners help you get that celeb-like smile hassle-free. A team of renowned orthodontists examines your mouth scan and then accordingly they design an effective smile plan following that plan can help you achieve the celeb-like smile you always wanted.
  2. Transparent: The best thing about toothsi aligners is that they are hardly visible to the naked eye, unlike metal braces for teeth. Hence, it won’t make you conscious while smiling and no one would ever come to know that you are wearing aligners
  3. Cost-effective: toothsi by makeO costs less when compared to metal braces treatment because you need not visit a dental clinic regularly for adjustments and other complications. Moreover, you get easy EMI options with makeO that make smile makeover quite easy on your pocket without disturbing your monthly budget.
  4. Backed by the experts: The founders of the brand are renowned orthodontists who have designed the most convenient way of treating orthodontic issues using innovation and technology. So, you get the best treatment guided by the most revered experts in their respective fields.

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Aligners from makeO are a revolutionary way to achieve that celeb-like smile you always wanted. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and completely invisible. Using clear aligners can help you get that perfect smile in a comparatively shorter period when compared to metal braces treatment at an affordable price without disturbing your monthly expenditure. It’s time to fix your teeth issues in the most convenient style with makeO and that too from the comfort of your home. Choose the best, choose makeO.