How to Reduce the Costs of Network Management?
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How to Reduce the Costs of Network Management?

Today, companies invest a lot of money in managing their networking infrastructure. It’s an expensive and technical procedure.

As per the latest statistical trends, the global market for network management-cum-monitoring systems is likely to touch the magical figure of the $13.1 billion mark by 2026.

Also, it’s necessary for firms to get networking devices and gadgets upgraded from time to time. It’s indispensable. You can’t do without it.

However, there are plenty of ways, through which you can bring down the overall networking costs in your organisation.

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If you wish to reduce your network cost, you have to first scrutinise your current expenditure on it. In the second step, check your network infrastructure and decide what you should do next to bring down the cost. 

Here are crucial tips that you should follow to bring down the overall costs of your network management:

How To Reduce The Network Management Cost?

Integrate Cloud-based Network Management Tool

In the current era of IT and digitization, network management is the key. Companies and firms that use their network management and monitoring system meticulously eventually succeed in accomplishing their short-term and long-term goals.

However, many firm owners don’t take adequate care of their network management considering it useless or of less relevance. But it can have a disastrous impact on the business.

That’s why companies that foresee the threats of data breaches, online piracy, and remote hacking, are trying everything possible to harden their network infrastructure. 

Due to the constant threat of remote hacking and data fraud by cyber criminals, most offices are now installing necessary networking tools to safeguard their interests.

If you are wondering which tool will be the best for you, go with Auvik. You need a robust network management and monitoring tool to tackle the intricacies of the networking in your office. 

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If you take a look at the individual Auvik features, you’ll realise how this tool offers 100% network management solutions to its clients in a hassle-free manner.

Check out its features and properties below:

100% Network Security and Privacy: If privacy is your concern, Auvik gives you the necessary protection and safety 24×7. The tool comes with a two-factor authentication system for any network-related action.

You can define roles, upgrade or downgrade permission configuration, inspect audit logs, or enable other necessary changes that only authorized users can do in the network profile using the tool.

Network Traffic Insight:

The software makes use of online traffic and IP addresses to help you get relevant data from it. Using this feature, you can understand who’s using your network and why they are using it.

The tool makes use of AI and machine learning to provide essential information. You can also understand if you are receiving malicious traffic in the network.

IT Asset Management:

Network discovery and mapping are crucial when it comes to staying up to date about your networking profile.

You can also use its network protocol feature to get access to full data and track every device that uses the network using its unique IP address and switches.

Network Troubleshooting:

The software has essential tools and options to troubleshoot networking-related issues and troubles. You can also check syslogs for further investigation. When in doubt, you can also reset it to default. Thus, the tool helps you monitor the overall performance of the network. 

Pay Attention to Network Application

You should create a network framework as per your needs. It helps you from investing your hard-earned money in features or additional networking-related facilities that you don’t need now. 

However, you always have the option of adding these features in future when your business goes through an expansion. But before creating your network, analyzing your actual needs can help.

Improve Your Cyber Security

Many companies lost a lot of money in the recent past, because of cyber-attacks. According to IBM security, the average cost of data breach has gone up by $ 4-million.

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Data breaches can have a devastating impact on your financial resources and it may take years to get the same corrected. You should increase your investment in security tools and private networks to protect your hardware and software from malicious attacks and cyber fraud. 

Make Sure New Changes Are Essential

Whenever you are making a new investment in networking devices and solutions, make sure it’s essential and relevant to your business.

The network solution provider should deliver maximum agility and features. It should easily get integrated into your system and devices, especially firewalls, WAN, LAN, and other platforms.  

Also, hire relevant IT networking experts who are well-versed in handling the nitty-gritty of the modern networking system.

Network Vendor Strategy

Vendors provide professional and service charges to various firms. It includes a lot of investments in the form of network costs.

If you have hired more than a few vendors, you may have to pay a bit more. So, choose a single vendor who can provide multiple networking solutions and devices that can safeguard your overall network infrastructure. 

You should review vendor contracts once in three months to decide what you buy and for what purpose you are paying the price.

Hire a single ICT supplier and solution provider for your networking needs. 

Often, vendors opt for bundling tactics through which they offer multiple components and tools. You have to stay cautious from them. Opt for these additions only when they are needed. Otherwise, you need not subscribe to these value-added features and increase your overall expenditure towards network maintenance.

It’s always best to evaluate your network needs first and then contact network vendors for your requirements.

In Conclusion

Today, the network monitoring system you integrate into your office infrastructure can be a major source of long-term cost savings. You need not use too many disparate tools and software for its day-to-day maintenance and performance monitoring work. 

Get a single high-quality network management and monitor tool installed now. You can easily download The Network Visibility Capabilities Report by Tolly to better understand how Auvik compares with competitors for topology mapping, devices by subnet, network infrastructure monitoring, and installation, based on un-biased tests run by a 3rd party.

Your network head will take a thorough decision before subscribing to a particular network management solution.

Analysing technical needs, time to value, time to resolution, existing networking infrastructure, and the option of interoperability are some key factors that the company has to keep in mind during the software evaluation process.

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