Link Building Vs Off-Page SEO
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Link Building Vs Off-Page SEO

Suppose you are keeping up with the constant technological innovation and the introduction of new concepts for better business opportunities. In that case, you might have heard about link building and off-page SEO strategies. Undoubtedly, any ambitious company would want to execute the most effective strategies for business development.

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One of such important tactics is to pay attention to the SEO of your website and hire a blockchain pr agency who can help you with seamless SEO services. Executing certain simple steps will help your site appear at the top of the search engine results. In this guide, we’re going to stress the importance of off-page SEO.

Also, you must be wondering how to make it to the list of SERPs. Rest assured, this guide also contains some of the best strategies to reach the top in SEO. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have answers to all your queries regarding this concept.

Decoding Off-Page SEO and Its Relevance

As the name suggests, off-page SEO involves offline steps taken to optimize, further enhancing a website’s authority in search engine results. There are three factors that the search engine looks for while determining the value of your site. And they are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Relevance
  • Authority

Although the algorithm used by Google has not been completely ascertained yet, it’s believed that around 50% of the total weight lies over off-page SEO for the ranking factor. You can expect the following results when you carry out appropriate optimizations on your website.

  • Relevance: Your site contains links to different sites delivering similar content. Google bots have it easy this way to determine your content’s importance. It delivers further information on your content.
  • Fame: Your site is portrayed as a reputed service provider that other sites on different digital platforms have marketed.
  • Authenticity: When other well-known websites begin to mention your site in their content, it acts as strong proof of your site’s authenticity. People will no more question your site’s credibility.
  • Authority: All the above points combine to push your authority score to the top.

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Off-Page SEO Strategies

If you want to ensure you are doing your best to make your website rank at the top, follow the strategies mentioned below.

1. Social media promotion

Most of the traffic is found on social media sites. Social media marketing should be your top priority. You can double the visitors to your site by merely marketing about your site on social media. Apart from helping you secure a higher number of clicks, you can also expect the get the address of reliable backlinks.

Although it won’t help in building your SEO score, it’ll indirectly contribute to your site’s ranking by bringing in more attention.  

2. Forum posting

It’s not as easy as other SEO strategies, but it’s surely the most effective one if carried out perfectly. Forum posting sites open the doors for users to engage in meaningful conversations by texting online.

It delivers multiple advantages such as exposure to potential clients, better market understanding, and an opportunity to address the queries of the clients or potential clients. Choose forums that are related to your sector and already have an engaging community. The best part is you can leave the link to your site for the users to refer to.

3. Creating backlinks

While determining your site’s ranking, the very first factor that’s taken into consideration is the presence of backlinks. If your domain has more number of backlinks, you’ll be ranked higher than your competitor. That’s not the only factor. It also considers the relevance and authenticity of the link obtained.

It’s strongly recommended to opt for two links for better SEO performance: Manual and natural links. Both these topics will be further discussed briefly in this article.

4. Guest post

Yet another smart technique to push the SEO score higher is delivering guest content to third-party sites. Look for sites that have a similar audience base to yours. By providing guest posts, your site will get more exposure and higher chances of getting referral traffic from that site.

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5. Local listings

Also referred to as directory listings, this technique has consistently reaped benefits for website owners over the years. When you submit your site to the local listings, you can expect to get higher rankings, reputation, and revenue in the localized SERP.

Decoding Link building and Its Relevance

Much importance is given to obtaining links these days. Why is that? Well, the process of link building is considered the heart and soul of off-page SEO. The Google search engine keeps a closer look at your site’s activities.

You might not make it to the top despite having high-level content-creating strategies and unmatchable loading speed. Why? It is because no other site is betting on your business. Unless and until other websites start mentioning your product and services, Google bots will have a hard time finding you.

To prove your credibility to the audience and the Google bots, your site needs to focus on link building. The latest study on this subject has revealed that with the passage of time, the importance of link building for determining your rank is growing.

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If you want to remain on the winning side, you have the option to obtain links in three different ways. Let’s have a brief look at them.

  • Natural links: As the name suggests, these links can be obtained without having the owner approach other sites. An Instagram influencer putting up the location of his favorite restaurant in his post is the perfect example of a natural link.
  • Remember, Google bots find natural links as the most impressive. And all this depends upon how catchy your content is. If you’re doing good, you’ll not have a hard time getting natural links
  • Self-created links: Yet another way of link building is through adding backlinks in a forum, online directory, press release, blog comment, website, etc. As easy as it seems, the tactic is equally illegitimate in the eyes of the Google bots because it falls under the umbrella of black hat SEO.
  • Manual links: Manual links refer to the links on your website or any other site that markets your brand. This can be obtained through impressive link-building activities such as approaching influencers for influencer marketing. You can go for a paid collaboration as well.

Factors affecting the authenticity of Link Building

Are all the tactics of obtaining links going to get you to the top? Is every strategy worth relying upon? Will you start ranking at the top if your site has a higher number of external links? Obviously not! The Google bots are smart enough to filter out the immoral ways of obtaining links from genuine ones.

You cannot get away with black hat SEO tactics. Instead, it’ll adversely affect your SEO score. So, your only option is to work hard and follow the rules. Mentioned below are certain factors that play a major role in enhancing your external link’s authenticity.

  1. Reliability: The site where you are getting your external links must be reliable and reputed.
  2. Relevance: Random links from sites that have got no connection with your content will not work. The site liking your work must be related to your industry or sector.
  3. Authenticity: If the site linking your product or services is found to be in association with any spam site, it’s over for you. All your efforts in obtaining links from that particular site will go in vain.
  4. Validity: The Google bot will also look at the time when your site was linked. You’ll be given priority if the link obtained is not more than one year ago. It’ll always put sites with fresh backlinks first.

Link Building Strategies

Mentioned below are the most effective and innovative link-building strategies designed to push your SEO performance to the top.

1. Refer to your competitor’s backlinks

Identifying which site is linking your competitor is a major victory. Your competitor’s target audience is obviously the same as yours. So, now you know the source of quality backlinks for better SEO performance.

Once you identify the sites, the rest is easy. After being thorough with the sites, choose the most reputed one and approach them to link you.  

2. Broken link-building technique

This technique works in the favor of the mutual interest of the parties. All you need to do is find backlinks directing to 404 pages and approach the site to replace it with a relevant page of your site. This association will deliver benefits to both parties.

Be transparent with your approach. Let the other party know that you’re reaching out not only to help but also that the link you want them to put up is relevant to them as well. Anything you’re trying to conceal will come out within no time as the other part is no fool to such traps.

3. Add images

Images instantly grab the attention of any visitor, which is why they click and start reading. Now you know why adding relevant images (memes, graphics, product/service pictures, infographics, and more) is recommended. Further, this contributes to attracting backlinks

If you make the slightest mistake of directing the image to an image directory, then everything will go in vain. Ensure the image backlink ends at a broader view of the image, not any directory link.

Browse through Google, and if you notice anyone using your image and you’ve got no objection, you can request the site’s owner to add the link. On the contrary, if you come across any sketchy site using your image, ask them to get it removed.

4. Guest posting

The concept of guest posting is already mentioned earlier. Now how can it help in link building? Well, while delivering content to another site to boost your site’s credibility, make sure to throw in your site’s link in the content. It’s the best SEO link-building strategy you could ask for.

However, conduct thorough research on the site you’re planning to guest post for. Find out whether or not it’s worth your time and effort.

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Planning and executing a strong off-page SEO strategy requires expert advice. You cannot take every matter into your hand. You can seek professional services that will make your journey to the top smooth and hassle-free.

You cannot outsmart Google’s search engine. The only way to acquire a good ranking is by sticking to the rules and carrying out legitimate strategies to boost the SEO score. And once you achieve it, there’s no looking back. Things will start working in your favor. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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