What is difference between the Flutter Vs Android Studio?
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Flutter Vs Android Studio: What’s the difference?

In this article, we are going to explain flutter, android studio, how do they work, and the key differences between flutter vs android studio.

Modern technologies and frameworks are improving day by day and now users can scroll, browse or perform tasks without any hassle. Due to the app development market being user-centric, the demand for web app development and its technologies is accelerating at a rapid scale.

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Developing a mobile application and choosing the right frameworks for it is a daunting and complex piece of work. Moreover, your choice of frameworks and technologies influences your app development process and can make a huge difference by escalating productivity and automating work. There are many frameworks and technologies available to develop a mobile application with Flutter and Android Studio being at the top of the market. Business owners are often perplexed between both of them and in such cases Flutter app development guides and references provide a clear overview to entrepreneurs. Let us dive right in.     

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a subtle yet high-performance framework that is based on the Dart programming language. It equips high-performance applications by rendering the UI explicitly in the operating system’s canvas as a substitute to the native framework. Flutter’s simplicity makes it an excellent fit for fast development. Its extensibility and customization prospects make it even more preeminent.

Developers can avail themselves of Flutter technology for Android and iOS apps concurrently. It liberates the effort and time it consumes to develop a single app for various platforms individually. C++ and Dart are the main languages of Flutter. It is mostly used to develop iOS, Mac, Windows and Android applications.    

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How does Flutter work?

Flutter comes with custom-tailored and appealing widgets for high performance and exceptional mobile applications. It implements all the custom needs and requirements of a contemporary framework. It uses the Dart programming language that comes along with an enormous repository of software packages that lets you augment the proficiency of your application.

Flutter also puts forward many ready-to-use widgets to fabricate a progressive application. The widgets are reformed for mobile environments and designing the application by availing these widgets is as uncomplicated as designing an HTML page.

Flutter widgets also subsidize beautiful gestures and animation. The application logic is deeply rooted in reactive programming. A widget may have a discretional state. By swapping the state of the widget, Flutter will collate the widget’s state headfirst and display the widget with only the required changes instead of re-rendering the entire widget. Moreover, Flutter puts forward great developer tools for developers with stunning hot reloading proficiency. Hire expert Flutter developers to deliver exquisite yet high-performance applications. 

What is Android Studio?

Various tools come along with certain advantages that are so discernible that one embraces them instantly, Android Studio is one such tool. In 2013, Android Studio was introduced just a few days after its pre-release at Google I/O. It is a combined alliance with Google and JetBrains.

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Android Studio is developed on top of JetBrain’s IntelliJ, and so its execution is super-ordinate as to IntelliJ. This means that almost everything you can do with the integration of IntelliJ for app development, you can even do in Android Studio very feasibly. Android Studio is thorough as it rationalizes the entire Android development process and makes it more approachable than before. Moreover, as revolutionary as Android Studio is, it is now the authorized integrated development environment for Android.    

How does Android studio work?

Android Studio has an exceptional, feature-packed, and integrated Git tool with an imposing GUI interface. The fundamental elements of the Android Studio environment incorporate the main window and welcome screen. Each open project is allocated its own main window which, in turn, embodies a menu bar, status bar, toolbar, designing and editing area and assembles a cluster of tool windows.

Tool windows emerge on the bottom and side fringes of the main window. Furthermore, it can be retrieved either with the help of an optional tool window bar or by availing the quick access menu located in the status bar. There are hardly any actions within Android Studio that cannot be activated through a keyboard shortcut. A keymap of default keyboard shortcuts can be acquired at any time from the range present in the main window of Android Studio.         

Key differences: Flutter vs Android studio

Flutter and Android Studio are both modern-era applications that are maneuvered in the market. Flutter is a product of Google and comes with the benefit of developing cross-platform web apps for iOS, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Google, Linux, Fuchsia, etc., making it probable for web app developers to create native applications efficiently on Android as well as iOS devices using a single code base simultaneously.

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On the contrary, Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robust Android applications. It is a development tool that offers many exemplary features for app developers, including Flutter app developers, to leverage on and efficiently build Android apps. Here are the key differences between Flutter and Android Studio:


Flutter is an open-source SDK that assists in developing fully functional cross-compatible applications. These apps are built on Dart and further compiles into iOS as well as Android’s native language. Nevertheless, Android studio is an IDE that is a more refined and modern version of Eclipse Android Development Tools, also known as E-ADT.

Code reusability

Flutter lends developers access to SDKs and native apps that are correspondent and compatible with it. This allows programmers to utilize and even reuse any prior Javascript or Swift code. Other than that, Android Studio is a Gradile-based solution. As it is already created, it is flexible and easy to use.


Android Studio belongs to the bracket of Integrated Development Environment (IDE). On the other hand, Flutter has its own classification as cross-platform mobile app development. 

Features between the Flutter Vs Android Studio

Flutter is known for the fast development of apps with its hot reload feature that enables you to experiment and fix bugs quickly. On the other hand, Android Studio has an expanded template feature that supports different devices for Google services.  

Post maintenance

Flutter is backed by Google, and Android Studio is the official IDE for Android development. Flutter is constantly improving with a team of engineers and developers constantly releasing advanced versions for its development and maintenance.

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Android studio, as well as Flutter, are contemporary frameworks that are growing and advancing with time. Both have their advantages and disadvantages discreetly, what matters the most is to understand that the framework you choose is fulfilling all the requirements of your business. We hope you liked the article on the Flutter Vs Android Studio, if I miss anything then please share it in the comments.

FAQ’s on Flutter Vs Android Studio

What should I choose for app development: Flutter or Android Studio?

Flutter comes along with the hot reloading feature and its approach to handling products is very different.  It is very efficient and has a powerful user experience. Thus, with the help of Flutter, you can fit your custom needs and build a native experience with a faster development rate. It will be the right choice if you want to develop a customizable and high-performance app for iOS as well as Android.

On the contrary, with Android Studio you can build native applications with feature-filled functionalities. It has preferably better features and provides a faster turnaround time in terms of the overall workflow and coding. It is convenient for programmers as it comes along with both the code editing tools as well as developer tools.

You can build robust cross-platform apps with both Flutter and Android Studio. Both have their individual pros and cons. However, the choice depends solely on your business needs and requirements.

Can I use Flutter without installing android studio?

The Flutter installation instruction states that you must simply download Android Studio to develop functional applications for Android. Moreover, you may execute and create Flutter-based applications on an Android operating system without integrating Android Studio.

Do I need an Android studio for Flutter?

You don’t need Android Studio necessarily for app development in Flutter. All you really require is an Android SDK, that you can download and install from the web directly without any hassle. Furthermore, you can designate the SDK position in the environment variable for its setup environment to acknowledge.

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