Cisco Simplifies Cybersecurity with New SecureX Cloud Platform
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Cisco Simplifies Cybersecurity with New SecureX Cloud Platform

The SecureX platform leverages the capabilities of all Cisco information security solutions to ensure threat awareness, and provides analytics and automation of workflows, accelerating the detection and reflection of cyber attacks.

Cisco SecureX

Creates a single space for reviewing the functioning of customer’s cybersecurity based on a simple, ergonomic cloud platform, including detection of unknown threats and policy violations for more informed decisions.

Increases efficiency and accuracy by automating standard cybersecurity workflows, including identifying threat targets and responding. Offers new managed threat detection functionality with Cisco Talos analytic resources.

Cisco introduces the Cisco SecureX cloud-based cybersecurity platform, which drastically simplifies the work with all the company’s products in the field of information security (IS) and solves the problem of excessive complexity of systems, which has become one of the priorities for cybersecurity directors.

Cisco SecureX offers users the ability to fully-functional work with the entire portfolio of Cisco products for information security (IS) and the existing infrastructure of the customer. Cisco SecureX creates a single transparent environment, identifies unknown threats and automates workflows, enhancing cybersecurity at the network, endpoints, cloud and application levels. Because simplicity is essential to protecting digital transformation processes, Cisco SecureX services are included with all Cisco Security portfolio products.

The proliferation of the Internet of things and high-speed wireless access has significantly expanded the potential area for attacks. The protection of such a complex environment is complicated by the presence of a variety of technologies that do not interact with each other. A survey of 2,800 cybersecurity professionals conducted as part of the Cisco 2020 CISO Benchmark Study found that 28% of CIOs consider managing a multi-vendor environment very difficult (last year it was 8% less).

Key Features of Cisco SecureX

Awareness of threats using all components of the customer’s cybersecurity portfolio, Cisco and third-party solutions. Cloud-based multi-user solution shows results after 15 minutes of operation. Analysis of events and data in the corporate segment, including more than 150 million endpoints, network traffic of switches and routers, including encrypted, Google , AWS and Azure clouds , as well as private data centers. Identification of attack targets takes only a few minutes, to counter the use of data from security products and updates of analytical information about threats. Information about the latest threats from Cisco Talos goes to the customer’s cybersecurity management center.

“The industry has been flooded with thousands of information security products, but instead of helping organizations, they create unmanaged environments with poorly interacting security elements. Because of this, white spots appear in enterprise information security systems, ”comments Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Information Security Division. “Now the security services have to confront not only attackers, but also the complexity, which has become another risk. Cisco SecureX dramatically changes customer interactions with security systems, eliminating complexity and offering a unified analysis environment that reflects the state of cybersecurity services and incidents. Now, IS services can use resources more efficiently and contribute to the development and digital transformation of the business. ”

Global availability of Cisco SecureX is scheduled for June this year. Customers can join the beta waiting list or request demo information.


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