Best 6 Ad Blockers for Chrome In 2023
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Best 6 Ad Blockers for Chrome In 2023

The stream of continuous ads while surfing the internet seems inevitably annoying. Whenever you navigate different websites, you get bombarded with countless popups, static images, videos, and intrusive ads before reading the actual content. Discover some ad blockers that are worth installing in your browser to keep these bothersome ads out of your sight.

Ad sucks, whether useful or not, especially when trying to find informative content on the internet. This is because they keep popping in between and distract you from reading the actual content. Ask any internet user, most of them are already using the ad blocker extension on their web browser. One of the best parts of ad blocker extensions is that some of them can be easily installed on any note-taking iPad.  

Nowadays every website is filled with numerous ads because they earn revenue out of it, good for them. However, as an internet user, these ads infuriate you to the core. Many of these ads even track your activity without your consent and knowledge.

Additionally, these are one of the ways that hackers use to penetrate your system as well. Scary right? Don’t worry! You can stop this from happening by using an ad blocker. So, without further ado let us introduce you to some of the best options you have in the market.

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List of popular ad blockers that allows user to navigate websites seamlessly.

A sturdy ad blocker not only blocks annoying ads but also identifies mischievous attachments while downloading a file. It also prevents all types of tracking activities and helps you bypass video ads on Youtube and Facebook. So, an ad blocker gives you a good level of security, privacy, and a seamless experience while browsing on chrome.

However, choosing a reliable solution is tough as the market is flooded with options on every single thing nowadays. That is why we have thoroughly reviewed and tested some and came up with a list of ad blockers that perform best in chrome.

Best 6 AD Blocker Google Chrome Extensions

1. Total Adblock

Total Adblock is the best option for those, who want to avert popping ads and tracking. This ad blocker is offered by one of the finest anti-virus software developers i.e. TotalAV. So, this adblocking app guarantees sturdy protection to its users against malware, adware, tracker, etc.

However, it collects your personal details, so before installing it go through their terms. This AdBlock is capable of removing all threats and blocking ads on your chrome browser. You can easily check how many ads it has blocked and how much data it is saving.

Features of Total Adblock:

  • Absolutely free extension for chrome.
  • Bypass Facebook trackers.
  • You can whitelist any website whose ads are not bothersome.
  • By using the script-blocking feature, you can filter the site code prior to navigation.
  • Finest adblocking results.

2. NordVPN Threat Protection

NordVPN Threat Protection Adblock extensions for chrome

NordVPN Threat Protection is another best Adblock extensions in the market today. It offers an all-around set of security features and blocks ads very easily. The developer of NordVPN Threat Protection provides one of the secured VPNs. This ad blocker is capable of blocking popup ads, and videos and impedes tracking and helps in getting rid of malware.

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It maintains your complete anonymity as its privacy policy is audited independently. They offer great results in doing the adblocking task. However, we noticed that it faced some difficulty in blocking static images, flash banners, and GIFs images. But overall this ad blocker is good in blocking several threats to your security.

Features of NordVPN Threat Protection:

  • Blocks disturbing ads, malware, tracker, and other security threats.
  • Using the URL trimming feature, the user’s online privacy gets boosted.
  • Customization is possible to disable unrequired features.
  • Enhances privacy and security while browsing the web.
  • The ratio of quality and price is justified.

3. Surfshark CleanWeb

Surfshark CleanWeb is another best ad blocker for chrome that has several advanced features. It offers a seamless web browsing experience. Besides blocking ads, it is a great tool to remove viruses, hide IP addresses, keep your online activity safe, and much more. The developers of this ad blocker are part of a VPN security group, so you can expect the safest results.

It follows a stringent privacy policy, so there is no chance of leaking your personal data. This ad blocker gives top performance when it comes to blocking pop-ups, ads, and unseen trackers. It only blocks these annoying elements in regular websites but also on Facebook and YouTube browsers.

Features of Surfshark CleanWeb:

  • Various security features to get rid of adware, suspicious website, and much more.
  • Its database has more than a million infected sites which shows this ad blocker’s potential to block such websites.
  • Its cookie blocker helps in removing its popup request.
  • Complete protection from malicious sites, adware, and trackers.
  • Advanced VPN to offer comprehensive security.

4. Proton VPN NetShield

Proton VPN NetShield offers great features that are compatible with your browser. This ad blocker helps the user to get rid of malware, and adware and enhances the speed of your browsing. This reliable tool offers comprehensive security when you are online. It comes with an entire VPN security feature.

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Using this tool, you can block trackers, and pop-up ads, and stay anonymous whenever you are online. The best part about this ad blocker is that it doesn’t collect your personal logs. However, Proton VPN NetShield faces difficulties in fighting with direct link ads, video ads, and trackers. Also, there is no whitelisting option and you will not get the stats of blocked trackers or ads. But this ad blocker can keep away a decent amount of adware from your site.

Features of Proton VPN NetSheild:

  • Customization is available to filter your need with block malware only, don’t block, block malware, ads and trackers options.
  • It boosts the speed of website loading.
  • It has an in-built VPN.
  • It protects users from phishing attacks.

5. Atlas VPN Safe Browse

Atlas VPN Safe Browse Extensions for Google Chrome

Atlas VPN Safe Browse is counted as one of the leaders in VPN providers. This ad blocker is a very effective tool to get rid of irritating popups and ads. However, you cannot add it as a browser extension as you can use its features via the app only. This application adds a sturdy safety layer to web browsing, giving you a safe surfing experience.

Other than removing trackers and ads, it blocks spyware, malware, and other security threats. This app doesn’t collect your personal details, which means your credentials will be fully secured. We won’t say that this ad blocker is the best on the list because it struggles when it comes to monitoring errors or blocking static images, GIF images, and trackers. However, it considerably minimizes the ads on a website.

Features of Altas VPN Safe Browse:

  • Help you avoid using malicious sites.
  • Get a list of blocked trackers and ads.
  • Inexpensive and simple to use.
  • Advanced in-built VPN.

6. Brave Browser

Brave Browser is another good option to remove ads while web browsing. It utilizes an in-built tracker and ad-blocking feature to do this job. This ad blocker blocked 100% of video ads while running the test.

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It not only blocks ads but also speeds up the web loading process and declutters it. This ad blocker doesn’t collect your personal details so you don’t have to worry about credentials leakage.

Features of Brave Browser:

  • Blocks trackers and ads.
  • Declutter web pages to boost loading speed.
  • Compatible with Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

FAQs related to Ad blockers

Is using AdBlock safe?

Yes, using AdBlock in the web browser is safe. It neither tracks your browsing history nor sells your credentials to a third party for creating targeted ads.

Which is the best ad blocker for Chrome extension?

Most of the above options are good for blocking ads. However, check all the features of each ad blocker and pick the one which offers security with a 100% ads removal deal.

How can I whitelist sites on Chrome?

The finest way to whitelist a website is to choose an ad blocker that offers such features as Total AdBlock.

Does Google Chrome have an in-built ad blocker?

Yes, Chrome has its own in-built ad blocker. However, it doesn’t remove all types of ads on sites as it only blocks those who don’t fulfil BAS (Better Ads Standards) by the CBA.

What features should I look for in an ad blocker?

A reliable ad blocker should be able to:
1. Block ads, tracker, and other popups.
2. Avoid malicious websites.
3. Protect against threats like malware, spyware, etc.

Parting thoughts

The amount of ads we encounter while surfing the internet has ascended in the past few years. These ads are not always legitimate because hackers use them to get into your system. Fortunately, to tackle these troublesome things popping up in front of your sight, ad blockers prove to be a great help.

All the aforementioned ad blockers address the disturbing elements you experience whenever you go online. Install any of these ad blockers in your web browser and say goodbye to bothersome popups and ads forever!

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