5 Best Free Email Finder Tools
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5 Best Free Email Finder Tools With It’s Features

Finding an email address is frequently the final step and can prove to be quite a hassle. You may know exactly who you want to contact, but you don’t have their contact information. An email finder tool allows you to obtain a person’s email address using their private information and data. Let’s read the article on the best free email finder tools.

This could include their name, the company’s name, social media links, and so forth. One of the most significant features of email finder tools is that it is time-saving as it gives out data in bulk which reduces the time of locating emails to a great length. This enables you to check email addresses immediately and automatically by using third-party services such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Blogger, and others. This reduces the amount of paperwork associated with the process. 

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It will give users access to send emails and subscribe to email lists without having to scroll everywhere and every time or use shortcut keys to cut/paste. In addition to that, some email locators also give detailed information about the leads as and when required by the user.

Several email finder tools are available at the tip of our fingers in today’s digitized world. Choosing the best from these existing email finder tools and softwares can be a daunting task if you do not know how and where to search for the best of the lot. This is where we come to your rescue.

We have handpicked and listed below the top five best free email finder tools to ease your troubles with detailed search and analyzing every feature. Our team went through each of these tools to save you the trouble of checking each one out. We have outlined the pros and cons of each of these email finder tools. Read ahead and choose the email finder tool that is the most suitable for you.

5 Best Free Email Finder Tools With Features


Snov is one of the finest free email search softwares available. It’s an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform that includes a fast and economic email finder tool.

Features of Snov

  • It provides an API to incorporate email search into your app or CRM.
  • It can also locate a complete prospect profile, including the person’s name, social networking profile, location, and other crucial details.
  • In addition to that, it supports CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats for exporting prospect lists.

Integration: API integration

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2. HUNTER – Free Email Finder Tools

Hunter is one of the most effective free email search tools available. Simply enter the company domain into this software, and it will guide you through the process of selecting which kind of emails to retrieve. It also has a built-in CRM Software. This email finder tool allows you to search one’s screen for all forms of public email addresses.

Features of Hunter

  • From dozens of different combinations, you’ll get the most common email format used in the company.
  • CRM software with built-in functionality can help firms save money and improve accuracy.
  • References for search results are provided.
  • Anyone can insert a name to retrieve that person’s verified or even the most likely accessed email address.
  • Any profile can be saved to your leads in order to export or synchronize them with your preferred CRM.
  • The result is exported to email marketing software.
  • The email format finder allows many consumers to exchange email lists, making it useful for huge email marketing teams.
  • It gives public sources for each email address, allowing you to keep track of the most recent finding dates.

Integration: HubSpot, Zapier, Pipedrive, and Salesforce


FindThatLead is an email address solution designed that simplifies your searches to monitor your email address database. It assists you in receiving emails linked-to URLs. It also aids in domain search, contact search, and client identification. If you have enjoyed reading out article so far, head over to TechiePlus to read this article on our website that has a list of the six best email clients for Chromebooks. Know exactly about these clients that are suitable for your Chromebook, and also, compatible with it.

Features of FindThatLead

  • You can use this feature to find specific new leads.
  • In a matter of a few seconds, the Email Finder checks emails and contacts.
  • You can use this email format finder in order to create a target-based campaign and send it to your prospects.
  • Provides services to help people make the most of their social media profiles.
  • It aids you in finding the candidates you require with increased precision.

Integration: Zapier


FindEmails is a small-business-focused email-finding tool. This email locator scans websites and uses a system to instantly authenticate email addresses it uncovers. It also gives recruiters, salespeople, and retailers professional and personal contact information of the potential leads. It assists you in locating legitimate email accounts and contact numbers.

Features of FindEmails – Free Email Finder Tools

  • This email finder includes Contact scoring and a Chrome extension which is beneficial for the user.
  • It also helps users to purchase and sell specifically curated lists from one user to another user.
  • It is the most affordable choice among the shortlisted email finders.
  • It facilitates the purchase and sale of email accounts in the global market.
  • It’s a two-in-one tool for locating and verifying emails.

Integration: Zapier

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UpLead is a simple programming technique that helps to find leads. It provides easy access through 56 million contacts for leads and categorizes them based on more than 50 variables. In addition to that, it also allows its users to download a large number of prospects at once. This email discovering tool lets you validate emails in full detail and supplement your statistics with additional contact details.

Features of UpLead

  • Finds the most appropriate prospects for the user.
  • It collects the email address and phone number of the contacts.
  • It gives access to its users to obtain prospects’ mobile and direct-dial phone numbers.
  • It saves a lot of time by assisting users in syncing options with the user’s CRM.
  • As you explore the web, it collects leads.
  • A powerful API allows you to scale your marketing.

Integration: Copper, Zoho, HubSpot, Outreach, Pipedrive, and Zapier

This guide to email-finding tools gives you a quick overview of the tools and their functionality. It also includes a list of the finest email-finding tools and a detailed description of their features, which will help new users better understand the mechanism.

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