5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest In Your Daily Life
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5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest In Your Daily Life

Pinterest is a social media website created in 2009 and gives easy access to both browsers and apps for Android and iOS. Due to its widespread popularity and ease of use, it is ranked 14th in terms of social media platforms, only behind Facebook and Instagram. It is clear from the name pin + interest that users can pin (store) chosen photographs based on their interests. 

Pinterest’s revenue is growing rapidly this year (2021), thanks to the attention of a number of well-known companies. Pinterest is attracting the attention of millions of people, particularly among the youth, because it is flooded with endless intelligible photos. It is also said that humans remember visuals better than text. In fact, in today’s times, 25 percent to 30 percent of business is done on this platform.

Pinterest has emerged as a one-stop destination for people worldwide searching for ideas, innovation, and following new trends. With around 454 million monthly active users, it is one of the largest platforms people refer to for learning and everyday growth. It has become a part of our day-to-day life, just like any other social media application.

Pinterest has emerged as a platform that is not merely for learning but also allows the audience to be a part of it and showcase their abilities. This trend of sharing one’s own ability recognizes the talented ones and helps in teaching the ones who are willing to learn from the skilled professionals.

Pinterest, in this way, allows people to hone their skills or develop one. Earlier, Pinterest was used to share and consume what is being shared. This has developed over time. Today, one can use the platform to showcase their profile as a part of their portfolio.

People, especially those associating with the art, have benefitted the most from the platform. The artists have started gaining recognition and monetization for their work previously left unnoticed.

Among the various categories we see on Pinterest, home decor, DIY and Craft, education, art, traveling, food & drinks, beauty, gardening are the most explored categories on Pinterest. The use of the application is expanding every day.

Pinterest might be one of the most beautiful ways to waste time, and it is scrolling through the unlimited aesthetically ridden cascade of pictures, quotes, short videos, and more. It is so easy to get sucked into the Pinterest world because of its ease of access, image-heavy, scroll-friendly interface, which helps make you more efficient.

Pinterest is a rabbit hole of ideas expressed in small-sized information capsules. It can help you with almost everything in your life for the day. From a morning routine, fitness plans, outfit of the day, vacation plans, cooking recipes, and productivity and motivation tips – you name it, and Pinterest has it.

What Should You Do First?

  • This site is highly user-friendly; to get started, simply link your Facebook or Twitter account to your Pinterest account.
  • Then, just create a profile by filling in the requested information and starting this application within a few minutes.
  • After logging in, users may begin pinning (uploading) photographs to their own or others’ boards to market their services by displaying unique and appealing images that better identify their products while attracting clients to buy according to their choice.
  • If someone wants to leave a review on the seller’s board, there are options such as likes and comments.

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Here Are 5 Ways You Can Use Pinterest In Your Daily Life

1. Plan Your Workout Routine

Since fitness has become fashionable, everyone wants to stay in shape to live a healthy lifestyle. As a result, Pinterest plays a vital part in learning how to keep active while relaxing in your own home. When we try to read the stages of conducting the exercise, we become perplexed. Even if you have a busy schedule, watching extended workout videos takes up much time.

Here’s where Pinterest comes in, where you can learn how to get in shape by looking at pictures and getting comparable suggestions based on your pinned image. It’s a hassle-free approach to get in shape by looking at pictures. For example, instead of watching long movies and reading complicated text, one can readily understand how to do a burpee by looking at photos.

Fitness boards are everywhere on Pinterest with lists of activities to do, mini-videos, and links to fitness trainers who can help you get back in shape. You can use this Pinterest video downloader to download those mini-videos easily. It can help you motivate yourself to work out with several images or gifs telling you how to do the workout with the number of reps or sets.

It can be your visual guide at home or at the gym on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to see the moves and work yourself back in shape. With an image, create gif, or short-video demonstration of one or a few activities, Pinterest can help you plan your daily workout plan. Pin your favorite workout and make an Exercise board to keep track of your progress.

2. Boost Your Career

When it comes to networking, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn take up the space. But Pinterest also offers an easy and fun way to network with individuals in the creative field like marketers, photographers, designers, and more. It also helps you showcase your portfolio and talent.

If you are still planning your career, you can research Pinterest for information. Just type the relevant terms in the search box and scroll through small infographics related to your choice.

You can also stalk the companies you want to work for to understand more about the company. You can use the visual medium of the employer’s pinboard to see the company culture, sensibility, and work environment expressed in their pins.

3. Promote Your Business

Pinterest is an exceptional platform for promoting your business. You can create an inventory of your products for people to see, and you can showcase the process of making the product to induce curiosity among the audience. To do this, create a Pinterest Business account and boost your work.

Pinterest also gives an entrepreneur tips on doing something new from other such entrepreneurs, and it also helps keep an eye on the competitors. You can also find new designs for business cards, aesthetic designs for your products, and innovative ways to market the product.

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All of this to be available on one platform makes it easier for a person to keep track of their plans for the company. You can create your marketing strategy with Pinterest Business.

You can promote your brand in many unique ways. You can make article pins, product pins, and app pins to showcase your business. Pinterest features like creating widgets, guides, playlists, reading lists, and even promotions through contests and giveaways can help your business.

4. Make Your Cookbook

Pinterest can give you a slew of ideas for what to eat in a day. You can design a recipe board based on what you like to eat, and you can also specifically create the board according to your diet plans, curated particularly for your fitness routine or a meal plan you want to try.

The site also features ‘rich pins,’ which give you a delicious photo along with a recipe to follow in the description. This makes it easier than clicking the pin to go to the website.

It can feel like a stream of food with all the delectable photos and easy-to-follow recipes.

You can also go grocery shopping according to the recipe you want to cook. Just whip out your smartphone and tap your formula pin to find all the ingredients. 

Just prop the phone, tablet, or laptop on the kitchen counter and get cooking!

5. Get Motivated And Inspired

If you are ever down in the dumps or lost on what to do, Pinterest is a trove of inspiration and motivation. With quotes from famous and successful people displayed on aesthetical backgrounds, these pictures are sure to attract your attention and grow an inspiration.

Whether you want a little push while doing work, to get back into shape, or for just a little upliftment of mood, Pinterest has it all. You can get wallpapers, people sharing their stories, or just some fictional short stories to motivate you through your day.

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You can stalk people for their display of talent and creativity which can inspire you. Try the DIY art or life hacks to make your life more entertaining. There are also several tips on personality development, self-awareness, and optimism shared by different people on the platform.

Pinterest is a rabbit hole for artists and creative talent to thrive. You can take a piece from this pile and build yourself on it too.

Pinterest For Everyday Life

Pinterest is very different from other online social or marketing platforms like Instagram or Facebook. It is a place where users are searching for something, and it can be content, information, services, or products. You are not just scrolling through, randomly liking, and commenting on what others are doing.

You build your specific interest in detail and make more out of your life. You will be picking out ways to improve your life and showcase it at its best. It is a platform with many uses, and just a few of them are mentioned here. So, get started on your ‘pins’ and ‘boards’ customized to your life.

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